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Treva - Bant = the most Boring of EDH

Commander / EDH GWU (Bant)


I've never been fond of green & white, in EDH, and specifically dislike the combination of Green/Blue/X in this format, but I unfortunately do have a fairly large collection of cards that I don't want to trade off. Thus, this deck exists.

I've ran Treva for some time - an older decklist can be found in some old folders here from years back. I've decided to make a new list to show the progression of the generic staples that keep getting printed for Green/Blue/X over the years.

This deck is utterly bant generic good-stuff. It has most of the obnoxious staples that plague all casual tables and make non Green/Blue decks suffer. The kind of boring mid-range value that stunts creative thinking and deck-building, typically forcing opponents into making similar value decks thing just to compete.

My biggest hate for these style of decks is how little thought-power it takes to actually pilot. Anyone of any skill-level can pick up a deck like this and just play everything whenever they have the available mana, and will likely perform very well. It's kinda pathetic.

To emphasize how well the deck plays at casual tables, not only are we purposefully neglecting Sol Ring, but the actual primary win-con is to just flash out Treva and beat face. Which works.


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