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Slivers - Casual Combo

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This slivers tribal deck is designed for my casual Commander group, which has agreed to use only mid-power/casual commanders from this list. As a result, Sliver Legion is the only viable general for this deck. However, I've included various other "hidden" commanders such that you can luck into more powerful lines of play on occasion. The deck will play as a kind of slow creature-based deck by default, but if you draw the right cards the game will be over in a jiffy due to the inherent combos and synergies of the more powerful cards.

Deck Structure

This deck has been built using the 8x8 method. Half the modules fulfill typical functions you'd expect to see in any commander deck, while the other half support the tribal theme of this deck.

For every deck, I include a module for ramp, removal, and card draw, preferably filled with cards that align with the deck's theme rather than generic spells that could go in any deck. For most decks, I resort to a significant amount of pretty generic (i.e., off-theme) cards, but Slivers have the diversity of effects that they can hold their own here.

  • Ramp: While all of these cards help your mana to some extent, some of them might feel a little underwhelming unless you have the right cards in hand or in play. At worst, you might feel a little behind on mana because you don't have quite the right mix of cards. At best, you'll find you have infinite mana! The lack of consistency and high variability are a good fit for a casual environment.
  • Removal: Slivers come through with their own forms of removal. Unfortunately, it's not terribly efficient and will often cost you your slivers to get the job done. You really just want to use these as a last resort to stay in the game and combo out later.
  • Card Draw & Selection: As with removal, slivers provide their own card draw and selection, but it is not all that powerful. Nonetheless, you'll keep your sliver count up with these cards, and they work just well enough to keep you in the game.
  • Fun: This module includes a variety of miscellaneous effects that don't fit into the other suites. In particular, The First Sliver, which might be the most powerful sliver out there, finds its home here, along with a couple cards that synergize with it.
  • The Combat module provides a baseline way to win on the battlefield, including the deck's commander (Sliver Legion) and various combat-oriented slivers.
  • The Combo module gives the deck its alternate way to win: combos using Sliver Queen. Half the cards here are slivers that provide haste, so your infinite tokens or infinitely large slivers can win the game on the spot.
  • The Protection module provides an array of slivers that make it harder to kill your slivers, thereby enabling you to retain your board state until you can win.
  • The Utility | Evasion module is basically two "half-suites" of four cards each. One provides your slivers with various forms of evasion, so you can get damage in without being blocked. "Utility" creatures provide various other useful effects.

Deckbuilding Restrictions

I am loosely following a singleton rule for my entire collection, which severely narrows the selection of cards that can go in this deck. Major exclusions include:

  • cube staples,
  • cards already in my Commander Cube, and
  • cards already in one of my planar cubes (https://mulrah.droppages.com/Magic).


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