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Roon Golem Tribal

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Okay, so the obvious draw here is using Roon.dec blinking functionality to extract all sorts of value from the Splicer package and flood the field with golem tokens. Being that the golem tokens are artifact creatures, it enables some shenanigans with both affinity (Mycosynth Golem) and convoke (Chief Engineer). Having both of these out at the same time with Intruder Alarm essentially amounts to dropping your hand onto the battlefield for free.

Once the golems are out, we've got a few options - Brass Herald and Master of Etherium end up as some pretty beefy tech, or we can use our flying/first strike/vigilance golems to mess people up with Mirror Entity.

Reveillark and Junktroller do some great work digging around in the graveyard for creature recusion, and it's not uncommon to see Filigree Angel gain 15-20 life per turn when it's blinked with Conjurer's Closet.

We've got access to some pretty typical board lock tech through Nevinrryal's Disk / Mycosynth Lattice / Darksteel Forge / Unwinding Clock. One slightly more obscure interaction that I realized post-construction was that Kiora's Follower / Intruder Alarm / Master Transmuter goes infinite with Precursor Golem. Kiora's Follower untaps the island you use to activate Master Transmuter, and Intruder Alarm untaps both of the creatures when Precursor Golem and friends enter the battlefield.

I think I've struck a pretty decent balance by electing to go with a 3-spell Precursor Golem package: Sigil Blessing, Echoing Courage, and Vines of Vastwood. Sigil Blessing is a beast of an overrun effect with Precursor Golem, and Echoing Courage and Vines of Vastwood run dual duty protecting against targeted removal (which is a pretty big "feels bad" moment with Precursor Golem) and are some pretty formidable overrun effects, themselves.

One aspect of this deck that I'm really proud of is that I deliberately strayed from the typical valuetown Roon inclusions (namely Terastodon and Acidic Slime). There's some great functionality there, but they're not golems. I couldn't bear to cut Eternal Witness, but at some point it might be headed that way as well if I find an on-flavour option I prefer.


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