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Axonil [Budget]: Most You Ever Lost On A Coin Toss

Commander / EDH Budget Burn Coin Flip Mono-Red




Budget Ojer Axonil with my take on it focusing on spellslinging and coin flips. I usually try to make my own spin on whatever builds I make and here is no exception. Rather than focusing on maximizing the number of pingers I decided to forgo those and focus on instant and sorceries with cards that synergies well with that.

The coin flip subtheme has been something I wanted to utilize for a long time but couldn’t find a build that excited me enough. Here with cards like Krark, the Thumbless we can maximize our hard casts, especially with Krark's Thumb out and something like Erebor Flamesmith.

Biggest issue this deck has is becoming public enemy number one. It gets explosive very suddenly and everyone knows that. Making sure you keep something like Bolt Bend is essential for survival.


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