Sizzle deals 3 damage to each opponent.

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Sizzle Discussion

Alkadron on PDH(R) - Syr Carah the Bold

2 months ago

Spell_Slam I think you're wrong on almost all counts. The burn spell is the opposite of bad with Syr Carah in play, even without any dragons as payoffs: it's just a bunch of extra Sizzle s. Each of them is 3 mana for 9 damage and (impulse-)draw three cards. That's absurd by itself. Getting to play lots of them is outstanding.

That they sometimes turn into a FREE Rapacious Dragon (this deck needs burst mana) or Scion of Ugin (4/4 fliers are fine) or Furnace Whelp (Firebreathing fliers make good closers in a deck that can hit massive quantities of mana easily) is just an added bonus. Lightning Dragon is the fourth best dragon for us; it's cute but not super powerful.

The decision I need to make now is whether to create a completely separate Carah deck that's just 6 dragons. 45 Approaches, and 48 mana cards, or whether to try to squeeze the four good dragons and 10-12-ish Approaches into this deck. XD

CamraMaan on Red damage doublers/boosters with spells …

4 months ago

So I understand that if I attack with Torbran, Thane of Red Fell, with Gratuitous Violence on the battlefield, my opponent gets to choose the order in which the +2 and doubling occur. But what about when I have those two out and cast Sizzle with three opponents? Does each opponent choose the order, or do I pick one order for all? Obviously they should likely all choose the same order if up to them (double first), but since it's affecting multiple players, I don't know if the order of effects can be different for two players or not, as it would make sense that they all receive the same damage by default, not choice. Anyway, appreciate the help! :)


8 months ago


With 4 opponents and Neheb, Flame Rift and Sizzle + Neheb attacking = 32 red mana. Use all of that to Comet Storm with three multikicks so so X = 27 to each opponent. Total damage for the turn: 27 + 4 + 3 = 34 to three of your opponents, and an additional 4 to whoever you attacked with Neheb.

This shows why chip damage is very, very important :D

Optimator on Torbran Musings

1 year ago

Sizzle might be nice

Jote on Bold and Brash

1 year ago

Ooh, you are right. So I guess the max Carah can impulse draw off of 1 card is 4, once for each player. So Sizzle will impulse draw 3, since it only hits opponents. My bad. Still think it's worth it though.

Snogglesworth on Bold and Brash

1 year ago

Sizzle actually draws 4 since Carah only specifies any player.

enation24 on Bold and Brash

1 year ago

Thank you so much! Sizzle sounds like a great addition, hitting multiple players at the same time. I'll try to make some room for it!

Jote on Bold and Brash

1 year ago

Love the deck, and I love when people build off the wall or lesser hyped commanders.

What do you think of the card Sizzle for your deck? Kinda like a 3 mana draw 9.

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