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New Tibalt- Sen triplets with horns

Commander / EDH* Aikido BR (Rakdos) Primer Ramp Reanimator


This decks themed to play with your opponent’s cards, with our sen triplets inspired commander. So why play Tibalt? Because he looks cool. Basically… Plus his effect is actually really strong if you manage to get two activations. Seven mana for a draw eight with no maximum hand size or draw four and hostage taker. Tonnes of value! There isn’t a load of blockers in the deck, so the best strategy is to use a board wipe and follow up with Tibs, if you can manage that- things are looking good for you…

The main playstyle is to ramp in the early turns, hope you survive into the late game with some timely removal before playing Tibalt and nicking all of your opponent’s goodies with the theft/ reanimator package.

Every game with this sort of decks is different which is why I love the play style.

Something to note, both Tibalt and Valki share commander tax, so if you decide to cast Valki early and he dies, both modes of the card now cost an additional two mana. The deck is designed to primarily play Tibalt, so I wouldn’t reckoned using the other mode- unless it’s to stop a combo piece someone has just tutored for from hitting the table and killing you all…


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