Decklist was inspired by the EDHRec Article by Nick Wallace (link: My build is less budget than the original build but still performs the same basic function. I purchased a Horde of Notions in a collection and started doing some research on the internet before coming across the above mentioned article discussing the beauty of the evoke mechanic. Also in that article's comments was a discussion about using the Evoke mechanic and Perilous Forays to put the Evoke trigger on the stack and sac the creature to Forays or another sac outlet to get double the benefit from these creatures hitting the graveyard and other stuff. Horde of Notions by itself is a powerhouse of a commander due it being a 6/6 vigilance, trample and haste, but the 5 color graveyard recursion definitely plays well into the Elemental keynote ability of Evoke. Take a look at the list and the article and let me know what you think of my changes.


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