For my build the cards had to meet three criteria.

1) Targeting effects that are good when the commander is off the field A card like Cabal Torturer is good with Horobi, Death's Wail, but on its own it is low impact. Cards like these I stayed away from. As for a card like Xenic Poltergeist and Karn, Silver Golem these are a special case. Obviously this deck can handle creatures. However, being in mono-black there aren't many ways to destroy artifacts. Being able to turn them into destroy-able creatures gives this deck and advantage.

2) Be useable at instant speed Typically, for good reason, Horobi dies when it hits the field. So making the ship go down with the captain becomes the name of the game. Be prepared to destroy as many creatures as you can when you play the commander. Cards like Cauldron of Souls, Sacred Armory and Mirage Mirror are worth their weight in gold. Being able to stack these effects is what makes this deck work.

FYI: You can save Horobi from his own effect from time to time. Veilstone Amulet is the main fail safe.

3) No equipments This deck views equipments like capes. If you have seen the movie The Incredibles you will understand there are no capes. The reason for this is that equipments target. With Horobi on the field a card like Lightning Greaves will kill a creature. This is a great silver bullet for a lot of decks but it does make your deck play against the meta.

This is an unusually fun commander. Being able to change a fundamental rule gives your play group new ways to interact with the board. If you are looking for a mono-black commander that is good in multiplayer and one-on-one this could be the deck for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment down below


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