This deck is a heavily modified 2018 Estrid deck that uses Estrid in my opinion to the fullest of her abilities. By enchanting your land to produce more mana and creatures making them stronger and even harder to deal with. Then start enchanting your opponent's board to make their life even harder for them. With a few endgame combos to round out the deck. If you want to see how I categorized the deck please select Custom Categories and just to let you know I do know I have the same cards in different categories.

Whitewater Naiads + Nylea's Colossus + Estrid's Ultimate

Now I know this a Pre-con combo but can't argue the effectiveness you can even have Whitewater Naiads or Nylea's Colossus in the graveyard so throw them into the graveyard then Ult her and target a creature you had on the field and one shot your opponent.

Mana Ramp + Estrid's +2

Again another Pre-con combo though I expanded it a little by throwing more enchant lands into the deck but hey who can argue having 10+ mana floating on turn 5

Aegis of the Gods + Asceticism + Starfield of Nyx

Now this is one of my favorite ways to get "super hexproof" With Starfield and Asceticism, Asceticism protects itself and protects Aegis.

I am still looking for ways to improve the deck so if you see something or a card that is a direct upgrade to one I have preexisting please feel free to give me any and all advice.


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