Welcome to this wonderful Rakdos EDH brew which features Kardur, Doomscourge as the commander. This deck aims to force the table into glorious, bloody battle against their will, while we benefit from the deaths incurred. When piloted well, the deck can leave you untouchable until the very end when its down to 1v1.

The point of this deck is to exploit Kardur's enter the battlefield effect by bringing him back to the battlefield multiple times per game - optimally once per turn after his initial ETB. We also want to keep him out for when any attacking creature dies per turn, which yields us +1 life and our opponents -1 life per creature. I purposely did not put in any aristocrat strategy into the deck, as I feel there's much more fun things we can do with this Commander.

Secondary strategy involves Goading opponents' creatures to employ them into combat, thus buying us time to find some game-winning cards. The deck also aims to create tokens which must attack anyone but us or causes our opponents to attack each turn with all creatures that are able to. The minor effect in this is when Kardur sees tokens die his second ability triggers.

Feedback and card suggestions are appreciated!


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