Curse of Misfortunes is a one-card combo. It gets Overwhelming Splendor and Curse of Death's Hold locking our opponent out of playing creatures and activated abilities, and finally Cruel Reality to lock out planeswalkers and win the game.

Wishclaw Talisman is another one-card combo. We tutor Skybind use it to blink Claw back to our side. Then we can tutor another enchantment and repeat every turn. Or we just use it to tutor a haymaker like board wipe/ Nine Lives vs. aggro, Unmoored Ego / Runed Halo / Gideon's Intervention /hate cards vs combo, Teferi, Time Raveler vs control, or Blood Moon

Skybind + Yorion, Sky Nomad blink each other back and forth triggering ETBs. But it gets much better than that. For each enchantment we blinked, Skybind lets us blink 1 permanent our opponent controls until their end step. This effectively means "at the end of each of our end steps, exile X permanents opponent controls until their end step, where X is the number of enchantments we control".

Blink Out of Time to reset it and also capture any newly played creatures. (We can combine this with Yorion + Skybind to permanently blink all of opponent's creatures during their turn while keeping Yorion during our turns. The way to sequence this is play Yorion with Skybind and Out of Time already on board, blinking Skybind + Out of Time + anything. Then at each of our end steps, Skybind and Out of Time return. Stack the triggers to blink Yorion with Skybind so it doesn't get phased. Then during each of opponent's end steps, blink Skybind + Out of Time + anything else with Yorion. Repeat.)

Yorion + Skybind lets us blink Solitary Confinement every turn so it's only on board during our opponent's turn (so we don't need to sac or skip draw).

Yorion can blink things through shroud (not a combo, but important to remember)

The rest of the deck is tutor targets and ramp to get us to the expensive cards.


Check out Puca Curse, a more meme version of this deck featured by SaffronOlive.

Also check out Pioneer Claw Pact **Primer** MTGGoldfish, taken to a 5-0 finish (league results) by streamer SquaChief. Or the O.G. Claw Prison **Primer** MTGGoldfish featured by SaffronOlive.


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