Copies 5-8 of Ninja of the Deep Hours from Modern Horizons (Ingenious Infiltrator) means now we can consistently turn 1 flier into turn 2 Ninja. This card advantage engine gives endless fodder for pitching to free spells, to protect our engine and slow our opponent's game plan, transforming the card advantage into mana advantage.



Faerie Seer, Snapcaster Mage, and Spellstutter Sprite are excellent for triggering Ninjas since they're evasive AND we can replay their ETB effects

Changeling Outcast counts as a Faerie for Spellstutter Sprite and a Ninja for Ingenious Infiltrator, and is unblockable to trigger both Ninjas. Since it triggers off Infiltrator, we can keep drawing through blockers.

Mutavault is also both Ninja and Faerie

Modern Horizons also gives us two new pitch spells, Force of Negation and Force of Despair, to shore up the weaknesses of Disrupting Shoal

Collective Brutality is a discard outlet for the piles of cards drawn we'll inevitably never have time to cast.

String of Disappearances lets us rebuy ETB abilities (with multikicker!) or bounce a blocker (or both). It's never dead.


Surgical Extraction is great with Snapcaster Mage. We're playing so many copies of graveyard hate because about half the metagame is graveyard strategies now, which are the only ones we really struggle against.

Besides graveyard hate, we have lots of removal because our ninjas have trouble against aggro or midrange strategies which clog up the ground. Now we're actually favored against creature strategies post-board.

Why no Bitterblossom, more Snapcaster Mages, etc.?

Whereas Legacy is full of combo and control, Modern is mostly combo and aggro. Due to the prevalence of aggro, if we don't take board control quickly, our Ninjas become 3 mana Elvish Visionarys. Meanwhile, playing expensive reactive spells like Cryptic Command is just hoping not to lose rather than winning, which is a foolish bet in a format where threats are more efficient than answers.

Because tempo and efficiency outweigh card advantage in Modern (due to aggro replacing control), Bitterblossom is literally a turn 3 1/1 against most Modern decks. These, in addition to the comparatively less disruption, means it makes sense to trade slow/resilient cards for faster/fragile cards.


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Disrupting Shoal is only good when our Ninja plan is working out, in which case we're already winning. Replaced with high-average-power cards like Thoughtseizes



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