1. Mulligan for Song of Creation or Glittering Wish (which can tutor Song). We're willing to mull to 5 or Song + at least 3 mana sources, whichever comes first
  2. Play lands, "ramp" spells (Skirk Prospector, Wild Cantor, Pentad Prism), and rituals to get to 4, preferably 5 mana*, to cast Song of Creation.
  3. Cast Song of Creation (making sure to have at least one other free spell to kick it off)
  4. Play free spells (we have a virtual 38 if double-counting Summoner's Pact and Noxious Revival) until we draw Grapeshot
  5. ???
  6. Win the game

*Why do we prefer 5 mana before going off? Show

Tricky Lines

Notable Exclusions

  • Any non-free spell comes at a huge cost. We need 34+ free spells to win reliably. Even though cards like Summoner's Pact and Retract count as virtual extra free spells, we still physically need 30+ free cards to have sufficient chance of actually hitting one initially.
  • Any 2+ mana "free" spell is not really free. See "Why do we prefer 5 mana before going off?" section.
  • Rosethorn Acolyte: Currently our deck can combo with only . Rosethorn is equivalent to a free spell because we have to hold up . Thus, Manamorphose/Pentad Prism are almost strictly better.
  • Retract/Underworld Breach are winmore. If we whiff, it's usually in the first few spells, so this doesn't help. In the mid-/endgame, this is just mana negative and off-color, increasing our chance of whifffing.(Imagine having a 3-mana draw spell that draws 20 cards. It's a great card, but the 90% of time we don't draw it, it does nothing, so we still need 30+ free spells. But then if we already have 30+ free spells, why would we even need it?)
  • Utopia Sprawl is only free if we have more land drops. We would need 9 starting lands to play all 4 for free. Could still be a fine card if we want more ramp.

Other links: Reddit discussion, Song of Storms **Primer**, MTGGoldfish


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