Setup: 1. Play Wishclaw Talisman; 2. Tutor/play Skybind and exile Wishclaw Talisman with Skybind's ETB trigger; 3. Return Wishclaw Talisman back under our control during our end step.

1-mana tutor: 1. Pay 1 mana to tutor any enchantment with Wishclaw Talisman; 2. Play that enchantment, and exile Wishclaw Talisman with Skybind's trigger; 3. Return Wishclaw Talisman under our control during our end step.

Fire of Invention + Wishclaw Talisman = setup + exile a nonland permanent in one turn 1. Setup; 2. During the end of turn, Wishclaw Talisman comes back and pay 1 to get Cast Out; 3. Cast Cast Out and get Wishclaw Talisman back during the opponent's end step.

Double tutor trick (for example: putting down two Sphere of Safety in one turn): 1. Wishclaw Talisman tutors Mirrormade, which clones Wishclaw Talisman; 2. Use the clone Wishclaw Talisman tutor Sphere of Safety; 3. Play Sphere of Safety, exile Mirrormade, as a copy of Wishclaw Talisman under the opponent's control, with Skybind trigger; 4. During the end of turn, return Mirrormade as a copy of Sphere of Safety, which triggers Skybind again, and exiles original Wishclaw Talisman; 5. Get back original Wishclaw Talisman during the end step of the opponent's turn.

An example of locking creature deck out: Turn 2: play Wishclaw Talisman; Turn 4: play Fire of Invention and Supreme Verdict; Turn 5: setup (tutor and play Skybind), and tutor/play Cast Out to exile a threat during end step after Wishclaw Talisman comes back; Turn 6: use double tutor trick to get two Sphere of Safety (at this point, the opponent needs to pay at least 8 for each attacker) Turn 7+: tutor/play at least one enchantment every turn

Finishers: Option 1. Fae of Wishes into Chandra, Awakened Inferno, Sigil of the Empty Throne, or Starfield of Nyx Option 2. Teferi, Time Raveler and Fae of Wishes into Possibility Storm to lock and deck the opponent out. (Notice that Possibility Storm means you can not deck yourself)


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Updates Add

Yorion blinks our ETB enchantments for value and works great with Fires: if we cast Yorion as the 2nd spell off Fires, we can blink Fires, freeing us to cast a 3rd spell with our mana. And Yorion is almost a free include because we were already playing many tutor targets we wanted to avoid, and many 3-ofs. The only card in the deck that we'll have a harder time finding is Fires.

Triome lands are a huge upgrade over trilands because (1) they work with checklands giving us much less painful mana and (2) they can be cycled if we flood.

Ruinous Ultimatum is a huge tutor-target-upgrade over past options like Casualties of War or Merciless Eviction



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