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There are so many combos/synergies, it's too hard to describe without a chart combo diagram

Of the combos described above, the most important are Wishclaw Talisman one-card combo (see below), Yorion, Sky Nomad and Skybind infinitely blinking each other (repeatedly triggering all our ETBs and also exiling X permanents equal to how many enchantments we control), and donating Demonic Pact. Additional details about the combos:

Wishclaw Talisman is a one-card combo:

  • Just tutor Skybind to blink Claw back to our board. Now we can tutor an enchantment every turn and play it, blinking Claw back with Skybind trigger.
  • After setting up Claw + Skybind:

    • Double tutor flash trick: Claw can actually tutor two cards in a turn without giving to our opponent. We simply tutor something end step and play an instant speed enchantment to blink Claw back.
    • Double tutor copy trick: (1) Tutor Mirrormade copying Claw. (2) Tutor and play another enchantment. (3) Blink Mirrormade with Skybind trigger. (4) Mirrormade returns copying an enchantment. (5) Blink original Claw with Skybind trigger.
  • For using Claw without downside (or even upside), we can tutor Displacement Wave (if X >= 2, we bounce Wishclaw too), Teferi, Time Raveler (bounce Claw), Hostage Taker (exile and replay Claw), Ashiok, Dream Render (opponent can't search). In a pinch, we can tutor for something with Claw and use Sorcerous Spyglass/Pithing Needle to deactivate Claw.

  • Fires of Invention greatly speeds up this combo. If we don't have Fires but already have 3feri, Hostage Taker, Displacement Wave, or Skybind, we can simply tutor Fires with Claw and then use the other card to get Claw back.
  • Sometimes we can just use Claw as regular old Demonic Tutor. Giving our opponent Wishclaw doesn't matter if we already won the game.

Nine Lives is a powerful prison piece on its own, and typically if we tutor it with Claw, it time walks our opponent 2+ turns (since there are no relevant answers to Lives). Additional combos:


Streamer SquaChief helped take this to its first 5-0 finish (league results), among many other good league results.

Also check out Modern Claw Curse **Primer** MTGGoldfish and the O.G. Claw Prison **Primer** MTGGoldfish featured by SaffronOlive.


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