Kaalia zénith seeker. Mostly because I don't want to buy the original. These are all cards I already own so if anyone has suggestions on how to improve, I'm all ears.

The "Whatever It Takes" derives from this deck's ability to use just about every resource possible to get the upper hand; the deck, graveyard, lands, battlefield, hand, and life.

This is a combat-heavy deck which is the reason there's a quite a few Instants: you want to be able to intervene and control the outcome of your combat phases. For example, you can lure your opponent to block weaker creatures and then remove them with a Mortify or Cast Down .

The Sorceries are there to give you a good "umf" boost with 4 board wipes, 1 mass resurrection, and 1 alt win con.

Approach of the Second Sun + Lapse of Certainty Win the next turn after first casting.

Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord + Vilis, Broker of Blood Target yourself so Sorin reads "+2 Draw a card."

Command the Dreadhorde + Gideon's Sacrifice All the creatures, none of the damage.


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