Welcome to the dungeon! You're never leaving...


But I bet you're ok with that

Prison EDH using inconspicuous cards to maintain a lock, and keep everything under control. Quite honestly, there's so much wrong with what I'm doing here, but who needs friends?

Lockdown in progress:

Mana Web + Pendrell Mists / Magus of the Tabernacle = no spells if people value their creatures. Add in Ghostly Prison/Propaganda and you're safe from creatures.

Thorn of Amethyst and it's ilk raise the costs of everything nasty. Storm players? Not anymore. Each storm card now costs 1 more. Cascade ruining your day? Not if they can't pay those extra cards.

Accidental game breaker:

Rule of Law + Humility + Knowledge Pool = The game is no longer a good thing. No one can cast spells and no one can get rid of anything. Even triggering ETB effects on graveyard creatures won't work because of humility. Basically, unless something gets countered, no one can resolve anything. Ever. We play until everyone scoops, or everyone draws out their deck. It's so mean...and my friends will hate me for it. ISN'T THAT RIGHT, CURTIS?!



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