Competitive 1v1 or multiplayer deck for Commander with a twist; no creatures except the Commander. This deck has been called "Suicide Isamaru" since its all-in on its Commander with no backup plan. Its a risky, fast, and deadly deck.

It is true that including additional creatures could make this deck more effective. I, however, like the idea of taking down my opponent with only a vanilla creature. Having one creature also focuses the deck and game plan; Voltron. The win condition is 21 Commander Damage. Stax elements and MLD are used to slow and disrupt the opponent while letting Isamaru, Hound of Konda shine.

Since October of 2013 this deck, in its various iterations, has a win-rate of 78% against over 400 hundred Commander decks in 1v1 matches on MTGO.


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With the April 2018 update to the Ban List for 1v1 Commander on MTGO and the removal of both fast mana and Winter Orb I have decided to convert the deck over to regular (paper) Commander rules. I have played 1v1 Commander since it was implemented a year ago on MTGO and have watched the deck get slowly neutered as the Ban List was continually updated. The people in charge of the format have a vision of what decks should look like and lonely Isamaru, Hound of Konda, sadly, does not belong.

Changes to the deck due to the conversion back to Commander:

Changes to the deck due to Dominaria:

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