V1 of my Arcades, The Strategist defender tribal deck, main theme is obviously to play cost efficient beaters for Arcades to allow to swing. Assuming a defender comes out on curve until Arcades on turn 4, it's very easy to have 10-14 damage turning sideways with the possibility of pump or combat tricks(Tower Defense,Triumph of the Hordes)to turn the damage up. Assault Formation serves as a backup in case of Arcades being stolen or locked down. Ghostway,Teferi's Protection,and Eerie Interlude are listed to protect against board wipe. Mask of Avacyn, Swiftfoot Boots, Whispersilk Cloak and Lightning Greaves all grant protection for Arcades so the deck doesn't get shut off. Cyclonic Rift, Slaughter the Strong, Fell the Mighty and Dusk//Dawn all serve as one sided board wipes to get my defenders through. Tetsuko, Sidar and Champion of Lambholt provide a pseudo unblockable effect that works well with the toughness matters theme.


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