Hover Barrier


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Uncommon

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Hover Barrier

Creature — Illusion Wall

Defender, flying

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Hover Barrier Discussion

MEWLIO on Reverse Santa Claus

1 month ago

Just take out some counterspells and some walls, I recommend getting ride of:- Glacial Wall- Hover Barrier- Inspiration- Argent Sphinx- Cancel- Void Shatter- Rewind- Impulse- Basalt Monolith- Artificer's Epiphany- Careful StudyI would also put in a few more artifacts and take out some of those draw spells, counterspells and walls, because you want to be able to hit Qumulox and Broodstar and reliably make them super cheap.

bigblue32123 on Phenax's Milling Machine

4 months ago

Sorry I had thought I saw you mention a combo between Bitter Ordeal and Traumatize but that was somebody else. There are a lot more combos that intruder alarm works with than just alchemist though, but most of them work much better with at least the elixir. For example it performs very well with Rise of the Dark Realms, Dread Summons, and other such cards that animate lots of minions at once. It also has some nice synergy with King Macar, the Gold-Cursed if you can get some creatures out. I'd also advise against running cards like Increasing Confusion that mill as a single use spell. You can get a lot more use out of creatures that like Hover Barrier that can function as a early blocker and as mill later in the game. They are also a lot more mana efficient with Hover Barrier milling for six the first time with the option to use it again for only 3 mana, compared to the one to one mill to mana use of x cost mill spells and the limitation of only milling once. Another upside of the creature alternative is the synergy with Intruder Alarm. One thing to keep in mind if you do end up running Undead Alchemist is that he will only exile eldrazi titans if they are put into the graveyard on your opponent's turn. Let me know if you end up trying any of these out and how they worked for you, I've been finding them pretty effective in my Phenax deck so I'm curious what other people think.

TheSurgeon on Mike Wazowski Mill

4 months ago

Shriekhorn is better with Fraying Sanity than Tome Scour. It's more versatile early and late game, and does more mathematically.

Curse of the Bloody Tome isn't as good as Sphinx's Tutelage, for the same price.

Drift of Phantasms over Hover Barrier. Its transmute ability can help you tutor Fraying Sanity or Sphinx's Tutelage if your current boardstate is defensively sufficient.

I would drop the defender 1-of's and put in 2 more Hedron Crabs. Your defensive base is good with all of your walls, I would concentrate on more mill speed.

Which brings me to Chronic Flooding. One of these won't do you any good. Just remove it for another Mind Sculpt. Same price, gets more done.

This has potential and is a bit different in approach than what I've seen. Kudos.

Scion_of_Darkness on Walls of the Mind

5 months ago

Also, Drift of Phantasms can search up Fraying Sanity or anything else CMC of 3. Possibly replace Hover Barrier.

Odysseus_97 on I'll hold on to that for you!

7 months ago

Looks fun

Its not a likely scenario, but if people play commander stable Homeward Path it can be tricky for this decks main focus. It might be good to have some land destruction ready, maybe Strip Mine or Tectonic Edge since they are also good staples in commander :) Again, very unlikely.

Seems like a very good setup, differs a bit from my Chaos deck that you want to keep their stuff not trade :) But i could remember some gain control cards under here:

Aura Thief could be nice to get some enchantments :)

For fun Aladdin

Chamber of Manipulation Sadly its a until end of turn effect, but goes nicely by discarding cards since you have alot of card draw :)

Charisma Put it on a strong blocker or wall like Wall of Frost or Hover Barrier.


Confiscation Coup

kirox317 on Budget Blue Modern

7 months ago

I think you should play some cards like Remand and Spreading Seas if you can afford them. Also I would play Serum Visions instead of Sleight of Hand.

Errant Ephemeron, Hover Barrier, Paragon of Gathering Mists and Wall of Frost are too slow and not really powerfull.

woot257 on

10 months ago

I reviewed some other lists and couldn't resist making these two changes:-1 Hover Barrier +1 Maze of Ith More reliable defense.-1 Glacial Wall +1 Eater of the Dead This card just has too much synergy to not abuse.

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