Perimeter Captain


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake Uncommon

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Perimeter Captain

Creature — Human Soldier


Whenever a creature you control with defender blocks, you may gain 2 life.

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Perimeter Captain Discussion

Darth_Savage on White/Black Main Deck

1 month ago

Your deck seems really inconsistent, I'm not sure why you aren't running 4x of any card. You can also only have 15 cards in your sideboard and should be aiming for 60 in your deck. That being said there are some fairly quick improvements that can be made by substituting some cards.

  1. 4x Victim of Night replaces Doom Blade and Murder there are too many black creatures that appear in decks which you will want to kill.

  2. 4x Zealous Persecution replaces Gallantry, Vendetta, Crystal Ball and Prophetic Prism boost your creatures and reduce your opponents.

  3. 4x Souls of the Faultless replaces Kytheon's Irregulars, War Oracle, Crypt Ghast and Languish your opponent won't want to use removal on it, but also won't want to attack into it.

  4. 3x Chalice of Life  Flip replaces Implement of Improvement this works with your lifegain plan.

  5. 4x Ajani's Pridemate replaces Bloodbond Vampire, Graveblade Marauder and Rancid Rats the Pridemate has the same ability as Bloodbond but can be played 2 turns earlier.

  6. 4x Perimeter Captain replaces Topplegeist and Planar Cleansing works with lifegain also Planar Cleansing is just too expensive to cast and you likely don't want to clear the board.

Thats me, hope this is of help.

Darth_Savage on Buddy system

2 months ago

Perimeter Captain can be fun when defender is relevant. In general creatures with defender are ignored as non-threats, Kaijin of the Vanishing Touch is a threat since it bounces what it blocks, however I'm guessing you are fine with an opponent using removal on a wall rather than your dragonlord...

Darth_Savage on Black White Life Gain Deck

3 months ago


So I note you haven't considered lands as yet. For casual play the common/uncommon tap lands are ok, however the rare lands can get expensive. For your deck and theme I would suggest Scoured Barrens and Blighted Steppe.

Soul Warden is a card you will want, probably over Deathgreeter alternatively Perimeter Captain might be an option. Falkenrath Noble is probably too slow, consider cards like Lone Rider  Flip, Gifted Aetherborn, Blood Artist, Ajani's Pridemate or Voracious Hatchling. For a finisher a card like Blood Baron of Vizkopa or Divinity of Pride would fit.

Last but not least non-creature spells. At simplest buy a set of Duress and Despise for disruption alongside Journey to Nowhere and Victim of Night for removal.

If you don't mind spending a bit more Westvale Abbey  Flip or Athreos, God of Passage are fun cards... I hope this is of help!

octopimp on Tainted Mercy

3 months ago

Sgt.Pickles I'm not really gonna run many creatures in this deck. The entire point is to burn our opponent by adding to our health with Sanguine Bond in play, or healing our opponent and taking health away instead with Tainted Remedy. Rhox Faithmender is in the deck to double our life gained, and thus do more damage through Sanguine Bond, and Perimeter Captain is in the deck to defend us in the early game while we set up, and gain us health at the same time.

I may consider the Sovereign, though. It should be pretty easy to accomplish with this. I'll have to think on it.

Darth_Savage on Mono-White Life gain

3 months ago

Your mana curve is off (too many 2, 4 and 6 drops / not enough 1 drops) and you aren't running a play set (4x) of any card. If you want to make the deck more efficient then a few things should probably change...

For non-creatures I'd cut Silkwrap, Blind Obedience, Hail of Arrows, Angel's Feather and Chaplain's Blessing. Instead of these running 4xJourney to Nowhere and 4xAcolyte's Reward

For land since devotion is an easy sub-theme Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is almost an auto-include in mono-coloured decks. Also worth consideration is Emeria, The Sky Ruin, Drifting Meadow and New Benalia all offer some utility, you probably don't need more than 20 land.

Finally for creatures you have no drop creature, I would suggest 4x Perimeter Captain in that role. To make the space cut Staff of the Sun Magus and 2x Plains. You might want to look at Nyx-Fleece Ram, Hero of Bladehold / Archangel of Tithes (in preference to Aegis Angel) or if you want to spend money - Serra Ascendant!

Ajuntoson on Wall of Walls - Budget Doran EDH

3 months ago

Meekstone from 4th edition isn't even $2. What about Perimeter Captain?

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Direct Damage Defender

4 months ago

Upgrading your walls needs to be a priority one; most of them are too vanilla to truly be effective defense.

I would start by adding playsets of Perimeter Captain, Wall of Omens, and Wall of Reverence. The first is an incredible one-drop that creates a really strong life buffer with your other defenders. The Wall of Omens replaces itself after it enters the battlefield, providing card advantage in colors that traditionally have the least of it. Wall of Reverence is a bigger flying wall that also gains you life.

You should flush out to a full 4-of Vent Sentinels; those are one of your main wincons.

Angel's Mercy and Healing Salve are terrible cards, and their lifegain would be replaced by the double duties of Perimeter Captain and Wall of Reverence anyway.

Return to the Ranks could be interesting since most walls are 2cmc or less.

thrane on Cold Hearted Lockdown

4 months ago

Indeed, it does lack speed. I might throw Oppressive Rays (as removal) and Perimeter Captain + Student of Warfare as some early interaction if I am up against a fast aggro deck :)

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