Perimeter Captain


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Uncommon

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Perimeter Captain

Creature — Human Soldier


Whenever a creature you control with defender blocks, you may gain 2 life.

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Perimeter Captain Discussion

Khunjund on GBUW: ₩ᴬʅʅֆ [MTGO BUDGET]

1 month ago

You said you wanted more land, and Wall of Vines is easliy the worst card in your deck, so it makes for an easy cut. I would take two out for extra lands and swap the remaining two copies for Perimeter Captains, unless you really care about the reach (in which case I still think Wall of Shards is better, but I suppose you could keep them in for the sake of mana curve).

If you find Affinity (or whatever artefact deck you're up against) to be a big problem, Stony Silence is most likely better, because you can find it with Commune with the Gods, and you wouldn't depend on a fifth colour.

Khunjund on GBUW: ₩ᴬʅʅֆ [MTGO BUDGET]

1 month ago

When planning a mana base, you need to find the most demanding cards to cast in each of your colours, then make sure you have enough sources of each colour to match those requirements. Frank Karsten wrote an article showcasing these requirements, if you don't want to bother with hypergeometric probabilities. It's often acceptable to be a few sources short, depending on the situation. For example, in your previous list, you had Wall of Frost, which normally requires 19 blue sources to reliably cast on turn three, but my previous suggested mana base had 17 sources, since this card wasn't integral to your game plan, and the rest of the colour wasn't as demanding. (Looking back, I could even have shaved off a few more, since it was a singleton.) Lands count as one source of every colour they produce, and you can count fetchlands as five-colour lands, if you have the right shocklands to go with them. For basic lands, the guideline I generally follow is: if I had all the basic lands in my deck in play, and no other lands, would I be able to cast every single spell in my deck?

Looking at your revised decklist, the mana base I would suggest is the following (cutting two Wall of Vines for two lands):

2 Breeding Pool

3 Forest

2 Hallowed Fountain

1 Island

4 Misty Rainforest

1 Overgrown Tomb

1 Plains

1 Stomping Ground

1 Swamp

2 Temple Garden

4 Windswept Heath

As you can see, this list has 17 sources of green (higher than the minimum 14, but helpful in case you need to cast Chord of Calling with few creatures), 13 sources of white (this is one short for a turn one Perimeter Captain, but it's only a two-of and other one-drops take priority), 13 sources of blue (one higher than the minimum 12 to help transmute Drift of Phantasms without creatures, but a reliable transmute would require blue sources), and 10 sources of black (one higher than the minimum 9 because of Doran, the Siege Tower in the boardI would go up to 12 black sources had it been in the main). I assume the two copies of By Force are a meta call. You didn't need sources other than your creatures for this when it was in the board, but if it's main, then I suggest putting in one Stomping Ground (or Cinder Glade; again, all dual lands can be substituted to fit your budget).

It's pretty old, but you can check this video for an example of the application of the principles listed above. (Keep in mind that, since he goes by experience rather than mathematics, his numbers are a bit off; e.g. you should have around 16 sources of red to cast Stormbreath Dragon on turn five.)

In any case, by taking Doran, the Siege Tower out of the main and upping the number of copies of Freed from the Real, I assume you're transitioning from a beatdown plan primary with a backup combo to full-on combo with a beatdown secondary in Assault Formation, in which case I recommend you swap out Wall of Vines for Wall of Shards.

MODANO. on Suggestions for Wall Deck

1 month ago


My deck:


Either we aim to win with turning our defenders in to infinite hard hitters with Assault Formation. If that does not work, we will try and mill them with Phenax, God of Deception. The infinite mana combo goes off together with Freed from the Real and Axebane Guardian + any defender.

After testing it for a while I have noticed that the first cards I need to switch out is: Wall of Denial, Perimeter Captain and Ghost Quarter (I'll put GQ in Sideboard). I want to switch these ones out since they doesn't really do much for the purpose of the deck.


What I am struggeling with so far is the start of the game. I am looking for more consistent ramp/draw/tutor and/or control options. Kind of general polishing and optimizing. I have troubles with Deathtouch and spells that make me discard cards. Maybe I should get a couple of Leyline of Sanctity ?

Any suggestions? :)

Many thanks!

MODANO. on Walls with teeth

1 month ago


I am myself elaborating with a wall deck, My deck:

The card Freed from the Real gives me infinite mana with Axebane Guardian.... together with Assault Formation it works really well.

I do run a couple of different walls from you, but I will have to switch some out. Like Wall of Denial & Perimeter Captain that doesn't really do much for the purpose of the deck.

If I can't smash my opponents down with an infinite big attacking wall I can mill them infinitely if I have Phenax, God of Deception on the board instead of Assault Formation.

Skjoldschoennemann on A Caravan of Camel Bois

1 month ago

I Don't know if it ruins the consistency, but have you considered splashing blue for Kraken Hatchling and Sidisi's Faithful?

Maybe even black for Disowned Ancestor. Going into other colors also allows you to play God-Pharaoh's Faithful.

I would also suggest Perimeter Captain in the sideboard against decks that are more aggressive than yours (I know there is few).

ballisticexperiment on We NEED to BUILD a Wall!

2 months ago

Also: Perimeter Captain. It's not a wall, but plays well with them and furthers your sovereign game plan.

Phillygreenman007 on Fun with Tainted Remedy

2 months ago

Perimeter Captain instead of Wall of Hope will inevitably get You more life, especially when blocking with Wall of Glare

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