Stalwart Shield-Bearers


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi Common

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Stalwart Shield-Bearers

Creature — Human Soldier


Other creatures you control with defender get +0/+2.

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Stalwart Shield-Bearers Discussion

Kalladdin on Walls with teeth

1 month ago

I would drop a Wall of Omens or Stalwart Shield-Bearers for the staff

cerealkyra on Buddy system

1 month ago

Glad I could help, interested to see where the deck will go once you start playing around with it.

That being said, you're kinda running low on lands, if you want to drop a 5 drop on t5 consistently. I think you could be greedy and get away with playing 23 total, but even then you're still off the "correct" number of 25 (with the average cmc of 2.75, explained here). Should you ajust the manabase, think we could get away with a few more non-basics, if you're interested. Rogue's Passage can help get the big flyer through to seal the win, Ghost Quarter or the slightly worse Tectonic Edge can help shut down enemy lands or take decks off of colours completely, Moorland Haunt lets you recycle the dead walls into a potent, ghost-based airforce. Minamo, School at Water's Edge while worth a large sum of money, is a potent combination with Ojutai, should you choose to run a few more, the similarly pricey Celestial Colonnade can also help wreck face late in the game, but neither of the two are necessary by any means.

Wall of Omens really shines in this regard, the more cards you see in a game, the more likely you are to win. I think the overall quality of Wall/Defender creatures you are looking to play is bit low. Cathedral Membrane is one mana(dont be afraid to spend life, life is a resource to be used) and usually EXPLODES the creature unfortunate enough to be blocked by it. Dragon's Eye Sentry is pretty damn good for just 1 mana, and really highlights how bad cards like Nearheath Pilgrim (2/1s always die in combat, 2 mana is far too expensive for a card that trades with most 1/1s) are. If it's a card you love, keep it, but you could be playing MUCH better cards. Jeskai Barricade can swoop in and save one of the beaters if they should lose hexproof, let you perfectly block a massive creature(without trample) by bouncing the creature blocking it before damage or just bounce Wall of Omens for that tasty, tasty value.

If you were to run a few more Ojutai, Orator of Ojutai is a better Wall of Omens, but 4 dragons probably isnt enough, might want to research that. Stalwart Shield-Bearers makes all the walls defenders bigger, Wall of Essence has reverse lifelink, while Vertigo Spawn and its big brother Wall of Frost pin down any creature foolish enough to attack into them. And as big and seemingly unkillable as Wall of Frost is, no wall stands close to the mighty, infuriating Wall of Denial.

Here's a list of all the UW walls available in modern.

Also, I'm a little confused by the Authority of the Consuls and the Swiftfoot Boots. Authority gaining you life is neat, but your deck lays down tricky/large walls, you don't need an enchantment to slow the opponent down. What creature are the boots for, exactly? Overseer and Ojutai have hexproof, as does Shieldmate(most likely). These guys dont need haste because they come in protected and swing in later. So all we're really protecting is our disposable walls/defenders, Elspeth tokens and Nearheath Pilgrim, who isn't an incredible magic card. Boots also costing 2 mana kinda gums up the works; you want to be doing something every turn, ideally. Spending two mana on a card that needs a addition one mana to actually do anything on any turn between 2-5 doesnt seem like an awesome time.

Speaking of Elspeth, Elspeth, Sun's Champion sees great as an option if you find yourself facing a lot of big creatres; she can get rid of them while leaving your defenders in pristine condition to... defend.

Witchbane Orb feels like a sideboard card for when you're really getting beaten down by burn or Thoughtseize-style effects, and even then, those types of cards are usually cheap, so waiting til turn 4 to:

A. defend yourself from 1-2 mana spells and B. Do nothing on turn 4

doesnt seem like the greatest plan, IMO. Keep it in the Sideboard if its a card you like, by all means.

That's enough wall talk for now, 3am, must sleep.

titanreaver on The best offense is a good defense

5 months ago

Have you considered splashing in red and playing Vent Sentinel. Then you could win with out even attacking. As for using toughness for damage the only other thing I know is Doran, the Siege Tower which would require you splashing in black and white. Who h I feel would really change things quite a bit. Although you would also get access to Wall of Omens for another draw spell. White also has some meet things like Wall of Nets and Stalwart Shield-Bearers not sure off the top what black has other than a few regenerating walls which could be nice. Like the concept. Good luck.


5 months ago

Stalwart Shield-Bearers? Awesome deck! +1

Samuel-Frederick on Bastion

5 months ago

MrCharizard000 you absolute legend. Of course Stalwart Shield-Bearers should be in the deck, it's a ridiculous oversight that I shouldn't be forgiven for. The full four is absolutely what you want, so I'm going to do a straight swap for the Leyline (which will be demoted to having an honourable mention in the description).

MrCharizard000 on Bastion

5 months ago

Might I suggest a three-of Stalwart Shield-Bearers? It serves a similar purpose as Leyline of Vitality and is a quick defender to boot. I run four in my Azorius Stall deck but it doesn't seem as important in this deck.

slaftergames on Defender/Mill

7 months ago

I'm a bit confused as to how this is a mill deck. I didn't scour your main from top to bottom so maybe I missed a few, but it looks like you only have seven cards that actually do any milling; you're regularly going to go a game without drawing more than one or two of them, if any at all.

Now that's all well and good if it doesn't bother you, but if you're actually looking to make a true mill deck you're going to need to develop that as a much more concentrated focus within the build. Some straightforward, budget cards that come to mind include Hedron Crab, Thought Scour, Mind Sculpt, Curse of the Bloody Tome, Crosstown Courier, Jace's Phantasm, Belltower Sphinx, Tome Scour, and Trepanation Blade. Also Sands of Delirium is going to serve you much more faithfully than Millstone in multiplayer, thanks to all the mana you can accumulate.

Beyond that, some general thoughts: I count six enchantment destroys overlapping with four artifact destroys. You know your meta better than I do but I'd sideboard most if not all of those. Given your defender subtheme I'd also consider Fog Bank and Fortified Rampart, both very budget walls, but perhaps more importantly Perimeter Captain and Stalwart Shield-Bearers, both of whom would help you take advantage of the prevalence of defenders in the deck.

I'm also fairly sure you've got a modern legal deck here; I'd list it as such.

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