Wall of Nets


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Exodus (EXO) Rare

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Wall of Nets

Creature — Wall

Defender (This creature can't attack.)

At end of combat, remove from the game all creatures blocked by Wall of Nets.

When Wall of Nets leaves the battlefield, return to play under their owners' control all creatures removed from the game with Wall of Nets.

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Wall of Nets Discussion

Bracken993 on Arcades, The Strategist (Budget)

1 week ago

PauperPower Wall of Nets is a good one don't know how I missed that. Yes Freed from the Real does work for mana but not for infinite damage like Pemmin's Aura, and i'm already unsure about keeping it in. Geist of the Archives is already in and i'm not feeling Drift of Phantasms

Thanks for the suggestions i'll definitely put Wall of Nets in.

PauperPower on Arcades, The Strategist (Budget)

1 week ago

Freed from the Real is another combo with Axebane.

Other good Walls are Wall of Nets, Geist of the Archives, and Drift of Phantasms.

Also Belligerent Brontodon is another Assault Formation effect.

davidsays1 on Arcades' Best Defense

2 months ago

Also no Wall of Frost is it due to the double blue or Wall of Nets

K4m4r0 on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

3 months ago

Hey Vlasiax, I initially choosed Guardians of Meletis because it is easy to cast and it's not bound to colours. Sure, Wall of Nets is a nice card and I try to fit it in since the beginning, but it could also be hard to cast because of the early. Sure it has 1 toughness more but don't get too carried away by it's ability becaus most of the time you are attacking with your walls. Also, I'm not quite sure if someone would use an artifact removal on this card, there should be more valuable targets out. Nonetheless a good suggestion and I'll keep it in mind! Can't wait for your other discoveries :)

Vlasiax on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

3 months ago

I think that Guardians of Meletis should be replaced with Wall of Nets or Wall of Resurgence. The reason to do that is that Guardians can be killed by artifact removal in addition to creature hate and both options are straight upgrades to it. For now I've been covering best 3-drop walls and later I'm going to evaulate the best 2, 1 and 0 CMC cards, so I'll let you know if I've found anything worth there :)

BlueBallsMgee on Arcades' Walls and Wares Emporium

4 months ago

Thank you joecool1299 for your opinions and suggestions in regards to our collection. I will try to explain and answer your concerns to the best of my ability.

Dragon Throne of Tarkir I personally have no excuse for this as to why it was not included. Must have been overlooked. The best Wall CEO must have the best chair to sit on.

Crenellated Wall We had this during our first wave stock but surprised as well not to see it. Will take care of that as soon as possible. Does not need additional tempering and improves wall efficiency.

Shield Sphere We were not informed the existence of such wall. Some of our employees are new so it is possible that it was not known to them.

Wall of Nets I agree this is mandatory for the various annoyances that run rampant along our aisles.

Panharmonicon Though it is true that this will push value further, we do feel that it may not be as consistent as we think. But will see to its use after we run more tests.

Rolling Stones It may be redundant but there are times our CEO may not be around and away for his business meetings so it is a way to continue wall production.

Shield of the Oversoul This is mainly used as an ego boost as he is frequently bullied by his cousins and siblings. After therapy we can consider its recall.

All these will be addressed during this meeting and changes may bee implemented within a day or two after the meeting has concluded. One again, thank you.

joecool1299 on Arcades' Walls and Wares Emporium

4 months ago

I very much enjoyed my stay at the Arcades' Walls and Wares Emporium. Of all the new wall establishment that have been popping up recently, yours has the best selection of walls and accessories I've seen.

That said, I was very disappointed to not find a Dragon Throne of Tarkir. Not only is it hilarious, it gives Arcades a power boost and works well with your vigilance effects. Crenellated Wall is also something I was surprised not to see. Most Emporiums have them front and center.

I also would look to acquiring a Shield Sphere for obvious reason. And a Wall of Nets for the kids. And all good establishments will have a Panharmonicon for extra value.

I also question the need of the Rolling Stones. They seem redundant with Arcades and they scared Mr poofypants. I also believe that Shield of the Oversoul is far too gaudy and doesn't quite do enough for the disadvantage . I recommend sticking with a good pair of Lightning Greaves.

That said I give this establishment 5 stars and will come again.

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