Crenellated Wall


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Uncommon

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Crenellated Wall

Artifact Creature — Wall

Defender (This creature can't attack.)

Tap: Target creature gets +0/+4 until end of turn.

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Crenellated Wall Discussion

Pyruscreed on Arcades EDH Help, My First ...

6 months ago

The Professor has a good video on building a 3 color mana base; I suggest there as a starting point. As for cards,:

Generic good cards: Path to Exile and/or Swords to Plowshares are standard white removal spells. Both are cheap (mana and $ wise) and instant speed, use at least one.

Asceticism grants regeneration and hexproof, Krosan Grip for artifact/enchantment removal, or go with Acidic Slime/Bane of Progress. Scavenging Ooze is also good against graveyard shenanigans.

Cyclonic Rift is a must if you are playing blue, and a few cantrips and counterspells are useful too.

As for Arcades specific cards, consider Angelic Shield, Assault Formation, Belbe's Armor, Castle, Builder's Blessing, Stalwart Shield-Bearers, Crenellated Wall, Overgrown Battlement, and Sunscape Familiar

BlueBallsMgee on Arcades' Walls and Wares Emporium

6 months ago

Thank you joecool1299 for your opinions and suggestions in regards to our collection. I will try to explain and answer your concerns to the best of my ability.

Dragon Throne of Tarkir I personally have no excuse for this as to why it was not included. Must have been overlooked. The best Wall CEO must have the best chair to sit on.

Crenellated Wall We had this during our first wave stock but surprised as well not to see it. Will take care of that as soon as possible. Does not need additional tempering and improves wall efficiency.

Shield Sphere We were not informed the existence of such wall. Some of our employees are new so it is possible that it was not known to them.

Wall of Nets I agree this is mandatory for the various annoyances that run rampant along our aisles.

Panharmonicon Though it is true that this will push value further, we do feel that it may not be as consistent as we think. But will see to its use after we run more tests.

Rolling Stones It may be redundant but there are times our CEO may not be around and away for his business meetings so it is a way to continue wall production.

Shield of the Oversoul This is mainly used as an ego boost as he is frequently bullied by his cousins and siblings. After therapy we can consider its recall.

All these will be addressed during this meeting and changes may bee implemented within a day or two after the meeting has concluded. One again, thank you.

joecool1299 on Arcades' Walls and Wares Emporium

6 months ago

I very much enjoyed my stay at the Arcades' Walls and Wares Emporium. Of all the new wall establishment that have been popping up recently, yours has the best selection of walls and accessories I've seen.

That said, I was very disappointed to not find a Dragon Throne of Tarkir. Not only is it hilarious, it gives Arcades a power boost and works well with your vigilance effects. Crenellated Wall is also something I was surprised not to see. Most Emporiums have them front and center.

I also would look to acquiring a Shield Sphere for obvious reason. And a Wall of Nets for the kids. And all good establishments will have a Panharmonicon for extra value.

I also question the need of the Rolling Stones. They seem redundant with Arcades and they scared Mr poofypants. I also believe that Shield of the Oversoul is far too gaudy and doesn't quite do enough for the disadvantage . I recommend sticking with a good pair of Lightning Greaves.

That said I give this establishment 5 stars and will come again.

PartyJ on Doran's Dastardly Defenders

9 months ago

I run a version that also uses the fatties without defender. See it here in case you want some inspiration.

Did you consider Crenellated Wall already? It fits the theme :)

PartyJ on Doran <3 - Toughness Matters

10 months ago

I like Doran as a casual Commander. Good old 'stomp em in the face' damage deck. People like to play against it here, cause there is no combo finishes. They see their end coming, eventually.

If you want to see my deck, then click here

My recommendations for you would be the following cards:

Hope it helps you :)

Good luck!


MRDOOM3 on Doran, The Siege Tower

11 months ago

Belbe's Armor, Crenellated Wall, Solidarity, Brave the Sands, and Behind the Scenes are all really nice cards to put in a Doran deck.

Slaughter the Strong is a nice new card to put in a deck like this one.

Meekstone is a nice way to lock down attackers (and blockers)

Azdranax on Unconventional War Tactics

1 year ago

Sure, while I agree certain redundancy in EDH is really important, that redundancy should be based on aspects of the specific build that heavily weight the board in your favor. When those areas are simply complimentary to your build, then there's a good chance there are better options available, especially as the corresponding CMC increases. To that end, here are six changes I noticed from your main and maybe board that I think would result in immediate improvements to your typical game.

REMOVE: Reach of Branches, Gravity Well, Behind the Scenes, Abundance, Angelic Chorus and Dusk / Dawn. Each of these cards is either reactionary or situational in nature, meaning they each can be a dead draw in certain scenarios. Also, the combined CMC of these six cards is 24, so average four mana cost, which is fairly spendy for a reactionary or situational spell.

REPLACE: Crenellated Wall, Rhox Faithmender, Eladamri's Call, Vindicate, Serra Ascendant and Tangle Angler. Instead of reactionary/situational spells, you get four creatures with a reasonable mana cost and additional utility value (flying/lifegain/early board state lead, infect/lure, double lifegain, +4 toughness pump) and an instant creature tutor and any permanent spot removal. Better yet, total CMC drops to 18, lowering your curve to an average of three mana cost per slot.

In my opinion, this gives you better options to your typical board without losing any synergy to your design. While Reach of Branches has great synergy, having 5 mana available is going to be a huge warning sign to your opponents, and if I'm keeping 5 mana available for an instant spell, I'd much rather have a bomb like Hatred that will essentially win the game right then if my attacker is unblocked (except in this deck of course). Hope that all makes sense - and good luck with the deck, I do dig the Doran build.

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