This is my mono-green land-matters deck, led by Titania, Protector of Argoth . This is the first land-matters deck I put together. Since the initial build, there have been some cards that have been printed that have helped to make this deck more consistent, and I'm excited with how it can run now. I want to sac lands to make Elementals, and then recur those lands from the graveyard to get more value from them.


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Any thoughts are welcome. I know I'm missing two obvious staples in Doubling Season and Crucible of Worlds . Those cards will continue to be missing until their prices drop considerably.


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This deck is getting an update. I haven't done much with this deck for some time, and it deserves some attention. I've made some swaps already, and more are pending. I'm looking to add in The Mending of Dominaria and World Shaper, along with some others.


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