What happens when there are two Infinite Reflections in play?

Asked by Aethaleon 3 years ago

Infinite Reflection is in play and I play Copy Enchantment targeting the Infinite Reflection. What happens? Say the original is on Utvara Hellkite and the second would go on a Stormtide Leviathan my opponent controls.

merrowMania says... Accepted answer #1

You would have a bunch of Leviathans. You determine what happens using timestamps, with the last/most recent effect being the one that wins out. If you had put your copied Infinite Reflection on one of your creatures, you would have had a bunch of Hellkite, as the second Reflection copies all the values of the enchanted creature, and sees all the values of a Hellkite, as it is a copy of one. Similar things happen when you Clone a Clone.

June 11, 2016 1:17 a.m.

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