Heirs of Stromkirk


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Common

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Heirs of Stromkirk

Creature — Vampire

Intimidate (This creature can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.) Whenever Heirs of Stromkirk deals combat damage to a player put a +1/+1 counter on it.

Heirs of Stromkirk Discussion

TheChaosVault on Vampirella's Blood Banquet

4 weeks ago

Maybe try Bloodmad Vampire in place of Heirs of Stromkirk , since it benifits from Neonate's discard effect and is more likely to trade if it does get blocked?

LostDragon01 on Resolute Blademaster PDH

1 year ago

Fine deck! I see you have plan to win a game at least. And i see you love the vanilla creatures much.

When i first saw Resolute Blademaster, i was inspired to to make a deck on it, but failed when discover that have no card draw in commons. I want to make some suggestions to your deck through.

How about to add more Scry ability to your permanents? Darksteel Pendant, Seer's Lantern, Path of Ancestry

And more graveyard recursion, for more triggers or protection your expensive general? Angelic Renewal, Breath of Life, False Defeat

Also, Soltari Visionary cold be cool removal considering double strike.

Dont forget that changelings is Ally too! Avian Changeling, Fire-Belly Changeling

Bloodcrazed Neonate, Erdwal Ripper, Heirs of Stromkirk grows each turn. And with Double strike they grows twice faster!

Skirk Commando can triggered twice and kill creatures that player wont used as blockers

Some cantrip mana artifacts can give you buff at the start and let play Resolute Blademaster turn earlier, but in late game you can draw cards instead of them to play something else: Boros Cluestone, Commander's Sphere, Mind Stone

Some auras that returning to your hand better then one time tricks. Undying Rage more stable then Brute Force for example

WindowGreen on Edgar Lifegain

1 year ago

Would definitely recommend adding more red Vampires to this deck. Since this deck is built around having many vampires and life gain would recommend a few vampires that grow and to throw at your opponent to keep them more worried about defense rather then attacking, and also helping out with the whole mana base thing being a tiny bit difficult to work on. For the Vampires I would recommend going with the cheap vampires to just basically throw them at the opponent as a distration while you are building up your massive Vampire army, For example...Falkenrath Reaver, Bloodcrazed Neonate, Bloodmad Vampire, Bloodsworn Steward, Falkenrath Marauders, Havengul Vampire, Heirs of Stromkirk, Insolent Neonate,Markov Blademaster, Rakish Heir, Stromkirk Noble

hardhitta71194 on

2 years ago

I agree! He is actually on my profile where I mention a few of favorite cards!

I was running a playset in this deck before I redid it. Now I don't know where to stick him. I would have to remove something and I have no idea what. I've also been thinking of swapping Heirs of Stromkirk for Mirri the Cursed but maybe batman instead? With all the counters his lifelink would come in handy. As well as his deathtouch to kill some stuff!

Thanks for the suggestion!

hardhitta71194 on

2 years ago

I think the burn spells in the sideboard is a good idea! I have a bunch of Lightning Strike, Chandra's Pyrohelix, Galvanic Bombardment, and Burn from Within laying around. Galvanic Bombardment is my favorite burn spell, you can get up to 5 damage out of if if you're lucky. I like Lightning Bolt but it's kind of expensive.

Yeah it is more mid-range now, I'll change it!

I have 9 creatures that cost 3 or less, but I do have a lot of 4 drops. I like Drana, Liberator of Malakir, badass card! I'll probably sideboard something with cheaper mana cost to replace Heirs of Stromkirk when I play red.

I think the reason I have so many high creatures is that I had 3x Markov Blademaster, then noticed the deck was still cheap and replaced him with Mirri the Cursed. It was late at night, I may have thought she was a 3 drop! Lol

Thank you very much for the replies man! I really like this deck, trying to get it fine tuned before I order the cards I don't have.

Thinking I could either drop the 3x Mirri the Cursed or drop Necropolis Regent and Falkenrath Marauders for 3x Drana, Liberator of Malakir. Necropolis Regent was just there for extra power, but I think I'll get plenty power anyways. Falkenrath Marauders is a good card, but being a 2/2 for 5 someone could take him out very easily. Unless you have any other ideas.

Elujin on grenzo doublestrike

2 years ago

I would try to push down the cmc of your creaturs maybe not cut a few of the less efficient dubble strike creaturs and replace them with creaturs that grow and would benefit of getting dubble strike mostly red vampires.like Stromkirk NobleBloodcrazed NeonateFalkenrath ExterminatorRakish HeirErdwal RipperBloodmad VampireHavengul VampireHeirs of StromkirkFalkenrath MaraudersSlith FirewalkerTaurean MaulerWar Elemental

Giving dubble strike:

RageformBlood MistBerserkers' OnslaughtRage ReflectionGrappling HookFireshriekerSavage BeatingGetting tru :

Frenzied GoblinPyreheart WolfGoblin War DrumsRaging RiverInvasion PlansLegion LoyalistArchetype of Aggression

Always a hard one draw :Ghirapur OrreryKey to the CityMind Stone

These are just some cards they arn't all equal :DThe most important part of building red is evry card needs to do work becous chanses are your not going to see too mutch of your deck drawing death cards is the worst so think 5 times about evry card you put in :)In the end mono red is hard to pull off aside from a dretti stax build en in less degree krenko en kiki jiki combo its going to be an uphill battle.This can be a strengt though as long you don't draw to mutch attension people ignore you :D

Athraithe on Wampires

3 years ago

I would drop your Indulgent Aristocrat since there arent a lot of creatures youll be stealing with so few creatures. swap it for maybe a Voldaren Pariah  Flip, but i wouldnt totally recommend that. Read the Bones is still better than Night's Whisper, and that is better than Sign in Blood since you only have to pay mana symbol b instead of mana symbol bmana symbol b, and sure read the bones costs 1 more but that 1 more gives you a scry 2. Havengul Vampire and Heirs of Stromkirk i would also drop, since its easy to block heirs or just kill it, and they dont do a whole lot since they rely on combat damage, therefore easily shut down or chump blocked. Stromkirk Condemned would be a solid fit, especially if you added "Madness" cards in the deck like Fiery Temper and Alms of the Vein. Falkenrath Gorger makes sure that if you discard a vampire, you can still play it for its mana cost. Olivia's Bloodsworn gives your vampires haste one by one for a measly mana symbol r. Maybe throw in a Hero's Downfall for another planeswalker removal? last vampires i would suggest are Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet to exile their dying cards and Bloodhall Priest in case you run out of cards. Then no cards in hand is a bonus not a hinderance!

Deruvid on Grixis bloodthirst

3 years ago

I agree with Podma that your current build does not take advantage of Jeleva, and as such I would look at trimming your enchantments and artifacts when looking to find room for new cards. With that in mind I would make the following suggestions:

Exchange Shadow Alley Denizen for Anowon, the Ruin Sage: Denizen is one of your weaker vampires and Anowon keeps other creature decks in check.

Exchange Heirs of Stromkirk for Necropolis Regent: Almost a direct upgrade, the Regent is absolutely bonkers if not answered in the first couple turns. If you take none of my other suggestions, do try to find space for the Regent.

Exchange Retreat to Coralhelm for Bloodlord of Vaasgoth: The Bloodlord helps you make bigger vampires and Coralhelm's untap effect doesn't have a whole lot of targets for you to make use of.

Exchange Retreat to Hagra for Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief: Drana kills stuff. She gets bigger. She flies and beats face. Hagra piddles around for a few life points at a time.

Exchange Swamp for Bojuka Bog: Sometimes you really need to get rid of a graveyard.

Exchange Dragon Tempest for Hammer of Purphoros or even Fervor so that it hastes all your creatures, not just the flyers.

Auras like Madcap Skills, Mark of the Vampire, and Aqueous Form suffer the drawback that if your creature is killed you lose the enchant too, so you lose card advantage. I'd look at replacing these with Instants or Sorceries that Jeleva could take advantage of. Hilarious options include Cruel Ultimatum, Time Stretch, or In Garruk's Wake.

Lastly, 41 lands is a little high. I'd recommend swapping a swamp or two out for another mana rock like Thran Dynamo or Commander's Sphere.

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