Highborn Ghoul


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Common

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Highborn Ghoul

Creature — Zombie

Intimidate (This creature can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.)

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Highborn Ghoul Discussion

Wholock on Pet Sematary (Mono black "aggro- control" -ish)

1 week ago

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Firebones675, I've cut the number of cards to 60 as you said.

LithiumHD, I might replace Sanitarium Skeleton with Diregraf Ghoul and Rotting Fensnake with Highborn Ghoul as soon as I can get my hands on those, and possibly sideboarding some of my answers as you said.

Have a nice day :)

LithiumHD on Pet Sematary (Mono black "aggro- control" -ish)

1 week ago

do consider the addition of a sideboard, that way you have more of a card pool available for when you have games that go bo3 or bo5 even.

most times you want to put more control/answers into your side board, so cards like Duress or Despise, that way you can fill the main board with more immediate threats like adding Diregraf Ghoul or Highborn Ghoul

other than that, the deck itself is a decently constructed casual deck using, im sure, just cards you own. looks nice

Mairon_Bauglir on Experimental deck

1 week ago

well first piece of advice I would give, is to drop a lot of those creatures and spells that don;t directly help, like Quest for the Gravelord is a card that usually looks good but is pretty slow compared to other zombie styles. I would highly recommend the following zombies, Gravecrawler that one is the best 1 mana drop zombie and most aggressive 1 drop that has proabably ever been made and can only be ever truly stopped by being exiled which is a rather uncommon deck strategy, Highborn Ghoul as he can swing past nonblack/nonartifact decks and provide easy constant damage and with the right buff could be a game ender by himself. Relentless Dead his menace is pretty good but his ressurection ability to bring back other zombies to the field is unparalleled and he can save himself by paying a single mana. Lord of the Undead is a good 3 drop buffer zombie and works as a slightly slower ressurection card but is still pretty good. Cryptbreaker is easily second best 1 mana drop zombie ever made even if he is more subtle than Gravecrawler because once Cryptbreaker has a zombie horde to work with he can draw a lot of draw very quickly and has been the cause of several touranment wins by himself plus his discard works pretty well if you have useless cards in your hands that you can turn into zombies. Diregraf Colossus works very well as he works with graveyard styled decks but his zombie spawning ability especially in combo with Gravecrawler can become crazy after a few turns. Also since you seem to want to build a zombie deck around Liliana, the Last Hope ultimate ability, I'm rather surprised you haven't seen or put in Endless Ranks of the Dead it is a bit slow at first but can create literally infinite token zombies to overwhelm most opponents. Spiteful Returned is a zombie a lot of people overlook but he can work very well either as a fighter or a buffer for an end game strategy, Unbreathing Horde is a really good frontline fighter that can be extremely hard to take down if a large amount of zombies are in play when he comes out, Death Baron his abilities speak for themselves turning the weak zombies into death dealing monsters and gives them a buffer, Sidisi, Undead Vizier is a really good zombie card to use as the exploit ability can be unparalled if used with the resurrection abilities of Relentless Dead and Lord of the Undead to bring out whatever you need to bring out to end the game. Attrition and Mind Slash work as sac cards that provide a lot of versatility and control to the field and work well with the making of zombie tokens. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is a good zombie that makes all your nontoken zombies harder to kill and makes them a bit tougher through his buff and undying ability, plus he is a 5/5 with intimidate which can be pretty powerful on it's own. Grave Betrayal is not really practical in too many situations but can be a fun card to put out and makes it fairly powerful. And finally if you're going all in with zombies it would irresponsible to not mention Coat of Arms that artifact makes all of your zombies hilariously strong, if 8 zombies are out they all get +7/+7 and as most zombies are 2/2 then they would all become 9/9 zombies just with Coat of Arms and not even taking into account all the other buffer cards. I hope these suggestions help! Cheers!

Mairon_Bauglir on Almost Mono-black Zombie deck

3 weeks ago

I would highly recommend these zombies to help out your deck flow better and faster and maybe offer new strategies. Gravecrawler, Cryptbreaker this guy with a zombie horde can be crazy for draws. Diregraf Colossus as with him out he starts making lots of tokens very quickly and works well with discard and mill types. Relentless Dead, Highborn Ghoul, Korlash, Heir to Blackblade, Geralf's Messenger, Pontiff of Blight, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Unbreathing Horde are some good base like zombies to work with that I can offer up right off the bat. Hope these suggestions help!

Mairon_Bauglir on Zombie

1 month ago

You have some good cards and combos in there. But you might want to work on it to make it more efficient. Here are some of the best zombies for a fast styled deck you might want to look at.Gravecrawler Highborn Ghoul, Relentless Dead, Carrion Feeder, Nantuko Husk, Diregraf Ghoul, Shambling Ghoul, Geralf's Messenger, Lord of the Undead are just a few that maybe you haven't seen yet. All the zombies you have are good ones, but the only real problem I see with your deck design is you way too many high mana cost things that really slow down your deck, for example a fast easy combo to pull off in the first few turns is Cryptbreaker can discard Gravecrawler from your hand, generate a 2/2 token, then Diregraf Colossus comes along and it gets a bare minimum +1/+1 counter for Gravecrawler in the grave yard, then next turn cast Gravecrawler from the grave yard and generate a 2/2 token as you cast the crawler from the graveyard. I would recommend in short to focus on a few zombies and shore up what you need to play your deck out and win and then spread out for variety and versatility with your deck, the best ones to shore up on to have 4 of are Cryptbreaker, Grave Crawler and Diregraf Colossus which those can make and generate a LOT of zombies very quickly and work best with Endless Ranks of the Dead coming out. Hope this helps, nice deck!

lagotripha on Hell's Army

1 month ago

Ok so I have this list for comptetitive modern mono black- Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox. You can build something super budget and very powerful decks- Gifted Aetherborn can provide a second set of nighthawks. Duress deals with so many threats its not funny, and can clear out a Supreme Verdict t1. Mire's Toll does similar lategame, but can hit lands. I'd reccomend cards like Drainpipe Vermin, Ravenous Rats over Highborn Ghoul and similar for the potential 2 for one trading- removing their hand gives more time to kill them. Cheap lifelink sources like Vault Skirge or Indulgent Aristocrat can also provide some more space. Bad Moon is pretty much a must have here. Temporal Extortion is super cute. If you find courself running a bunch of vamps a pair of Blade of the Bloodchief works better than any number of enchantements. Stab Wound is super slow- consider something like Dark Prophecy for if you encounter board clears.

brodes90 on Zombie Mill

2 months ago

I couldn't find a good 2 drop zombie to replace him, maybe Highborn Ghoul

vhpiasson on The Never-Ending Zombie

2 months ago

Graf Harvest is a really annoying and cheap enchantment to add, but still I like the idea more of cycling the deck with card draw other than reanimating it, althought I like to stick to the swarm idea since it allows Cryptbreaker value with draw, Dark Salvation value with removal, and even yet super value with Unbreathing Horde, both from big graveyard and swarm in board.

I'm thinking of actually running 4 of Dark Salvation and probably reduce the minion numbers of the deck (which is originally 30) to add menace with Graf Harvest, probably removing some of the Highborn Ghoul, which I myself was thinking it was kind of a poor choice, but it counts as graveyard number if I want to discard him with Cryptbreaker, and maybe even Liliana's Elite due to the "high" 3 mana cost.

Cemetery Recruitment is there for some additional card draw, and hopefully to also recover some key minions, such as Cryptbreaker to allow even more card draw, and depending on the situation recovering some big bullies such as Diregraf Colossus and Unbreathing Horde, or even for more removal with Fleshbag Marauder. Hell I can even get Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip back if needed.

Anyway I appreciate the feedback! I'll keep all your suggestions in mind.


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