Alms of the Vein


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Common

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Alms of the Vein


Target opponent loses 3 life and you gain 3 life.

Madness (If you discard this card, you may cast it for its madness cost instead of putting it into your graveyard.)

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Alms of the Vein Discussion

Bano42 on Hour of MINOTAURS

4 days ago

sagartomar99: I haven't really had a chance to play test too too much sadly. However, I have a friend that plays a competitive Energy-Constrictor deck, and this wins 50% of the time. It doesn't match up so well though against control. Hope this helps!

rbar2255: Alms of the Vein is not a bad suggestion. I'll have to play test it at some point (when I have some free time) and post about it! Thanks!

Chewy5150: Faith of the Devoted is really really interesting tbh. I don't think this deck really had the mana for it though. I'm going to consider it. See above for Alms of the Vein thoughts.

rbar2255 on Hour of MINOTAURS

4 days ago

You could possibly try putting Alms of the Vein in the deck as both a discardable card as well as an ability for Neheb, the Eternal to add more mana to your mana pool for Ribbons

Chewy5150 on Hour of MINOTAURS

6 days ago
  • 1 from me.

Any comments on Faith of the Devoted or Alms of the Vein in this deck? I run them in a red/black burn and Midnight Oil deck and they might fit in here.

Bano42 on Hour of MINOTAURS

1 week ago

BrendenLiberated: The deck does need at least one additional land, I've had some time to play-test it a bit myself. I went up to 23 and cut one Neheb, the Eternal, and I'll see how that feels before I make any updates on here. I'm still tweaking here too, so any other recommendations are greatly appreciated.


  • I could play Hazoret the Fervent, but I want this to be a Minotaur deck since I like the Minotaur tribe. If you want to play Hazoret, you absolutely can! The deck becomes more of a Madness deck then and you should focus on using cards like Fiery Temper and Alms of the Vein. I could use those as well for this deck, but tbh, I will not the largest opportunity to play with this deck before those all become post-rotation, so I am looking for other cards to use instead to increase the longevity of the deck.

  • Neheb, the Eternal is not the only guy that can do damage in this deck! If I have a creature on the field, let's just say Ahn-Crop Crasher, I can cast Neheb and then swing in with the Crasher right after. That would give me three red mana I can use to play something from my hand (like another Minotaur) or potentially cast the second half of Insult / Injury.

dishmond on Baral, the Insulting Thermo Archer

1 week ago

charliexbrit, thanks for the suggestions, I am running, and I think will continue to run Radiant Flames, because it allows me to deal two damage to the board, which kills most of the treats in mardu vehicles decks, as well as servo tribal (both decks at my local meta), and it usually keeps my Baral, Chief of Compliance and, my Thermo-Alchemist alive.

I was thinking about just getting rid of black altogether, as Abrade deals with almost everything Fatal Push does, and neither Collective Brutality or Alms of the Vein actually deal damage, and so don't get doubled with Insult / Injury.

hosshughes on Red Rain - Olivia $40 Budget Vampires

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the +1 TheStraydog! I try to keep all of my decks really multiplayer-centric which means avoiding single serving pings like Alms of the Vein even though its well-costed with madness.

BlueElectivire on Black-Red Madness

3 weeks ago

Get rid of all copies of Twins of Maurer Estate, Reckless Racer, Ravenous Bloodseeker, Insolent Neonate, and Alms of the Vein, and put in another copy of each card you have only one of other than Chandra, Torch of Defiance, and put in a couple of Canyon Slough and Smoldering Marsh instead of basic land.

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