Galvanic Bombardment


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Common

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Galvanic Bombardment


Galvanic Bombardment deals X damage to target creature, where X is 2 plus the number of cards named Galvanic Bombardment in your graveyard.

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Galvanic Bombardment Discussion

WowzerBowzer on Baral is Frankenstein Confirmed

4 hours ago

Thanks Zhorus!

To all those reading:

One issue with Galvanic Bombardment and Take Inventory is that when I Harness the Storm I'm effectively producing counter synergy in regards to future casts. The reason why I'd like Winds of Rebuke and Compelling Argument to remain in this deck is because I want to expedite the process of buffing the Drake as much as possible. I'm really only going to be countering important enemy spells and, thus, taking damage early in the game, so I would like to get Drake huge as quickly as possible. Harness the Storm is there because I want to be able to play 2 Compelling Arguments in the late game to give my enigma Drake +6 power before I swing in for the win.

The only problem with the deck is that I always end up with too much mana. I'm considering Rise from the Tides, like the Thing in the Ice that you suggested, because its expensive and I can throw it in the graveyard in the early game. And I'm afraid of adding more burn because I want to use Baral synergy to ram even more cards into my graveyard. Torrential Gearhulk is just an expensive counterspell that comes with a body, it spends a lot of mana and it's not our win condition but I am considering adding it if I can't find a way to not overflow with lands in the late game. Disallow is too expensive 4 me and a version of this deck contained Censor once and I'm considering adding it again. Thanks for the suggestions!

Cragnostic on plus one the minus one

1 day ago

I would consider replacing shock with either Galvanic Bombardment or Magma Spray because they are just better cards. And maybe take out the Baleful Ammit for something else. I can't put my finger on what but i'm sure there would be a better for for that spot.

Hyperalgialysis on Creatureless Temur Reclamation (second time 1st!!)

2 days ago

He is probably referring to like mardu vehichles, golgari delirium or dimir zombies. They tend to hit very hard very quickly. Your deck can handle them somewhat as is but tossing in some Shock, Galvanic Bombardment, Select for Inspection and other low cost spells would be enough to buy time to get rolling. The best way to make sure your deck is top notch is to search for mtg top 8 standard on google and check out the deck lists. I also recommend looking up the most commonly played cards in standard. These 2 resources will help you smooth your deck out and help you be sure you can answer most things you come across. I do it for standard and modern and it helps a ton if you homebrew your deck. Back to the point, a pretty common standard deck at my lgs is the golgari delirium most versions drop a Scrapheap Scrounger or Grim Flayer turn 2. This is commonly followed by a Rishkar, Peema Renegade or Tireless Tracker turn 3 and a Mindwrack Demon turn 4. Given your lack of early game defense turn 3 you would take at least 3, turn 4 another 6 damage and turn 5 another 10. Granted you might fog some of that damage away but you might not get it in time. Some of the versions of it can hit very hard turns 2,3,4 and wont need much to finish you off after. The mardu decks can hit for 3 turn 2, and then 10 turn 3 if they are using the enchantment that pumps the vehichles and that 7/11 vehichle. Not to mention they could have hit the nerd ape and made it 12 turn 3. I imagine the one drops I listed should be enough to get you through until you can start to combo off some. Look up the brain in a jar decks too. They might provide an idea in which direction to take your deck moving forward.

hyperlocke on Cards cast from GY leave ...

5 days ago

Please remember to link your cards.

[[card:Galvanic Bombardment]]

Galvanic Bombardment, Harness the Storm

When you cast a card, it leaves its current zone (in this case your gy) and is put on the stack. The Bombardment that gets cast from your gy deals 2 damage.

111.1. A spell is a card on the stack. As the first step of being cast (see rule 601, Casting Spells), the card becomes a spell and is moved to the top of the stack from the zone it was in [...]

601.2. To cast a spell is to take it from where it is (usually the hand), put it on the stack, and pay its costs, so that it will eventually resolve and have its effect. [...]

STMS on UR Trial of Prowess

1 month ago

Open Into Wonder and Insult are better than you think. Need more copies.

Magma Spray is so much better than Galvanic Bombardment

good luck on this one guys I like prowes but I don't think it's very good right now

Stephencliffe on Jund

1 month ago

I'd replace Shock with either Magma Spray or Galvanic Bombardment. I know shock hits face, but you very very rarely going to want to hit face over a creature. In fact, if you ever move into an energy build, Harnessed Lightning would be better than all of those cards.

I would take out Channeler Initiate and at least one copy of Chandra, Flamecaller. You really don't need any sort of ramp in this deck, you'd be better off with something like Radiant Flames against zombies. Chandra, Flamecaller is really good, but I'd sub her out for something like Goblin Dark-Dwellers. Or, you could even replace her with Chandra, Torch of Defiance. That Chandra is insane if you can protect it.

Aside from that, Transgress the Mind does an okay imitation of Thoughtseize, i'd run a couple copies. Hope this helps!

sergarrick on Scar the Soul

1 month ago

I actually like the singleton Harness the Storm. The only issue with it in this deck is that it rewards cheap spells like Galvanic Bombardment and Take Inventory, not 4 cost burn spells. Both of those spells also have big synergy with a playset of Fevered Visions

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