Remember what it was like to play during Affinity? Well here is how to make it worse. To do this, we are going to deal high CMC damage with Vial Smasher the Fierce . Other spells have special clauses to have lower casting costs in order to have the smasher deal more damage sooner and stick with that theme. On top of that, costing spells to sink mana into for each turn. All of this works wonderfully with Wound Reflection / Archfiend of Despair and hilariously with Exquisite Blood . Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge and Saheeli, the Gifted for MORE affinity! Sunbird's Invocation also has a great gain from this deck as high costing cards played for cheap ending up getting fantastic results. Especially having mana rocks to get your perms out sooner.

Heres an idea on how a turn could go. Say you have Vial Smasher the Fierce + Wound Reflection + Archfiend of Despair already out on the board. Play Draco and thats 48 damage at the end of turn. Hot Damn!

As always, comments and +1's welcome!


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