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(MF)Toshiro - Speak Softly and Carry a big Jitte

Commander / EDH Mono-Black



My 5th iteration on Mono-Black, so far one of the more fun builds of it!

Inspired by our Candian friend Tomer over at MtgGoldfish, I thought I would take a crack at this mono-black spell-slinger build! The idea is pretty straight forward:

  • Low costed instants (preferably ones that draw you cards) and removal spells
  • Ideally cards that are 2-3 for 1s, where I can get multiple triggers off of Toshiro
  • Big splashy pay-off cards to close the game out

Obviously this is a deck that scales GREAT against creature decks, BUT if you're playing against other spell slingers or non-creature focused strategies it starts to lose its luster in the early/mid-game. Maybe somethat can be addressed in the bottle-capping??


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