My side project during Covid. Very happy with how it has turned out considering I don't typically play or particularly enjoy green. There is not a infinite combo, just very high synergy throughout the entire deck. The aim while constructing was to make a deck that could theoretically be suited for more casual games as well as going up against more competitive decks; I have inkmoth nexus on the side if the pod uses infinite combo's or resorts to locking players out of the game and I would consider throwing in cards such as Teferi's protection if I wanted to make the deck more competitive (although I would possibly just use one of my other EDH decks at that point as I enjoy the Timmy aspect of this deck). Money has been saved because I perosnally prefer having more basic lands in this decks so have not put in any shock or pain lands, most of the land search cards I use look for basic anyway and better for Phylath, the world sculptor.

Cards that are different to other Obuun EDH decks I have seen:

  • Mikaeus, the lunarch= For some reason this card has not appeared in other decks I have looked at. You ban use Obuun's landfall ability to target Mikaeus and then use Mikaeus to give all creatures we control +1 counters (including Obuun); nice synergy with cards such as Abzan falconer, armorcraft judge, hardened scales and the Ozolith.

  • Life's legacy= cheap card draw that can help get you back in the game, I use it on land that I have animated with Obuun during the 2nd main phase after combat; sometimes I attack with the creature, otherwise I may tap said land creature down to pay part of the cost before it is sacrificed. Obuun can get very powerful quickly with his landfall ability so lands are usually big enough to be worth the sacrifice for card draw, in addition cards such as ramunap excavator make the loss of land mean less.

  • forgotten ancient= gets very big very fast and in turn can push Obuun to higher power quickly which is nice for making large trample lands

  • Cataclysmic gearhulk= I noticed tragic arrogance is popular in obuun, I understand that tragic arrogance lets you pick what players sacrifice but I prefer the gearhulk just to reset the board and its handy to have a 4/5 vigilance creature in addition to hopefully a large Obuun and elemental land for combat.

  • Kaheera, the orphanguard= Provides a buff and vigilance to elemental lands and 14 others cards in decks. Nice to have option to still use lands to cast in 2nd main phase.

  • Ghost quarter+ path to exile= Not so much cards that are not on deck lists but not talked about for uses. Aside from the typically handy use the cards provide normaly, these cards can be used to target own lands and creatures to search for land to get additonal landfall triggers. Handy utility; perhaps talked about in other landfall decks outside of Obuun.


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