This is the EDH version of the zombie goblin deck. You can find the casual, quasi-modern version on my page.

The concept is pretty simple and straightforward. It uses mostly goblins and zombies as fodder for the various sac outlets, with multiple triggered abilities for when it sacrifices a creature.

I believe that goblins and zombies are a great commodity for such a deck, because they generally provide their own sac outlets, as well as providing a great deal of token production, which both fuel the sac outlets as well as keep a decent board presence.

There is also a generous helping of land destruction, some of which takes my land with it. That's ok, though, because the deck has a good deal of ways to produce mana without lands, and furthermore many of the goblins and zombies are low CMC.

I decided on Grenzo, Dungeon Warden as general because he keeps my creature base flowing, which obviously is much needed for the deck. There are a couple other options I could have gone with in here, but they all do things that other cards in the deck already do. Grenzo is unique, and therefore is something I want early and often.

I will add only that I'm fairly new to EDH, and haven't played it much. As such, I very much would like for y'all to tell me if I'm doing something wrong. I may disagree, but I will never disregard.

Comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged. Enjoy!


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