Undead Augur

Undead Augur

Creature — Zombie Wizard

Whenever this or another Zombie you control dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, tokens are put into the graveyard before they cease to exist), you draw a card and you lose 1 life.

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Undead Augur Discussion

dadezio on Tormod and Ravos Raise Again

23 hours ago

Combos These are just a few of the combos that I Can see with this deck.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on To the Winchester!

4 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions! I opted to cut Smothering Abomination instead of Undead Augur or Village Rites. I like Rites as it is burst card draw which I don't have a lot of right now. I have a ton of steady card draw (death draw basically) but not a lot of burst draw. I think I'll probably swap Rites out for Read the Bones eventually. While I agree on the "may" issue with Undead Augur, it is a creature so I can always sacrifice it if I am afraid of decking myself (which I've accidentally done with Dark Prophecy in the past). Plus it has zombie synergy. Smothering Abomination got the axe because it is basically another version of my commander that I can't control as well.

1 more cut...always the hardest one to remove.

Poly_raptor on To the Winchester!

4 days ago

I think Village Rites could go, because this commander draws cards anyway, that or Undead Augur. I’m not generally a fan of triggers that cause you to lose life and don’t have “may” in them.

zAzen7977 on AETHERIC SWARM - Vial Zombie Tribal [MID]

2 weeks ago

Hey Kadj, thanks for your comment! I’m on the fence about running the full set of Undead Augur. In the past I’ve been in situations where I draw into too many Augurs at one time and the life loss can get out of hand. I feel like Plague Belcher is very important in this build due to the life loss it generates for the opponent, and it combos so well with Geralf's Messenger, so I’m hesitant to not run a full playset. I’ll have to test the deck out to know for sure.

wallisface on Mono-Black Zombie Graveyard Horde

4 weeks ago

Some thoughts:

  • Carrion Feeder seems super useful here, as it can grow big quickly with the help of Gravecrawler. It feels like this deck’d want a playset of these.

  • personally i’m not a big fan of the zombie lords, as 3 mana is pretty steep (or 4 mana in the case of Undead Warchief). I don’t think you gain much from this kind if effect, and while having some of these cards is probably useful, i’d ditch a bunch. A good thing to add in instead could be stuff like Blasting Station, which can turn Gravecrawler into a machine-gun.

  • Stitcher's Supplier can be good for grave-filling, and Undead Augur can draw you a bunch of cards (i’d rate both as more useful than the lord-effects).

  • “Champion of the Perished” from the upcoming set feels like an auto-include here.

Sparko on Liliana Zombie deck

1 month ago

I play a commander deck built around The Scarab God, and I have a ton of great recommendations. There's a few really fun directions you can take this, but flooding the board with zombie tokens and making them really beefy is a good bet. Here's some decent budget options, since you say you don't buy many cards:

  • Undead Augur is also cheap to cast, and gets you drawing a lot of cards very quickly.
  • Zombie Lords like Diregraf Captain, Lord of the Accursed, Death Baron, and many more are staples for zombie decks, though getting more than a few can get expensive.
  • Wonder gives you a zombie air force whenever it's in the graveyard.
  • Liliana's Mastery gets you two tokens and buffs your zombies.
  • Necromancer's Stockpile is a good way to draw cards and get tokens on the board, and if you pitch anything that can recur it's doesn't even have much of a downside.

For some cards that aren't budget, if you want to eventually buy/trade for some really good zombie cards, I've got you covered there too:

Best of luck in your future zombie-fueled games!

Balaam__ on Dawn of the dead

2 months ago

You might consider adding a playset of Undead Augur , allowing you to drop Village Rites in favor of Fatal Push .

multimedia on varina budget? 100$

2 months ago

Hey, well done on a budget. Missing a few budget staples ( Sol Ring ), but overall interesting version of Varina. If your goal is to have fun then also include your opponents having fun...

Do you want to be become the archenemy every game you play this deck? A Box + Narset lock is not fun. Narset and wheels is not fun. Cut all the ridiculous stax cards for more Zombie synergy ( Undead Augur )?

Instead of stax, build around Wonder and Psychosis Crawler with Zombies and wheels? Include more ways to get Wonder and Crawler into your graveyard ( Vile Entomber ) and more ways to reanimate Crawler ( Victimize )?

Cut Hullbreacher to fix the manabase? Black is the primary color, you need it a lot more than the rest, but there's just as many basic Plains and Islands than Swamps. You risk with this manabase not consistently having black mana. Zombies are black, wheels are blue or black thus build around black and blue and splash white for Varina?

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