Boggart Shenanigans

Boggart Shenanigans

Tribal Enchantment — Goblin

Whenever another Goblin you control is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, you may have Boggart Shenanigans deal 1 damage to target player or planeswalker.

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Boggart Shenanigans Discussion

MaltOMeal on Goblin Politics

3 months ago

Hey lobsternips! Thought I'd jump in and give you my take on what you've got going on. Your noncreature spells look fantastic, not much I would take out, but if you can find a way to fit in some creature recursion in Rise of the Dark Realms or Thrilling Encore with your mass creature destruction in dictate or Killing Wave . Also bounce-type effects like Conjurer's Closet could make use of your etb effects, you'd definitely see some usefulness there. The only problem I see with this deck is its SUPER heavy into red, there are some non-red Goblins out there, but you'd basically be playing a Red deck splashing white and black for support. However, Goblins are funny and mean just like Negan.

As for creatures, I love what you're doing. Lots of synergy, and I love the Goblin tribal theme. Also, love the Kiki-Jiki inclusion, plus with snoop you sorta just win.

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Hope I helped some, I probably didn't seeing as I gave more inclusion suggestions rather than cuts. If you decide on doing one thing like "Go Wide" or "Go Tall", adjust your cards to reflect that. Aside from that good luck on your deckbuilding!

Pikobyte on high power krenko

4 months ago

Just a warning at this point: I would remove the competitive from the title and the comp tag. This clearly isn’t a cEDH list and so far no cEDH list for krenko exists. Some cEDH players get upset when they see a list like this called competitive, happened to me already with one of my decks. Maybe just call it high power to avoid that problem.

I didn’t want to offend you in any way, i only realized that this is your first deck here and wanted to help you to avoid a possibly negative experience.

I also would suggest Shared Animosity as a wincon and Boggart Shenanigans as a wincon/insurance. Krenko decks are really weak to boardwipes and boggart shenanigans makes opponents lose if they try to wipe away your army of goblins.

Polaris on Do tokens go to the …

8 months ago

Kequing420 is right, I just wanted to add that "cease to exist afterward" means they disappear before anything could target them or bring them back. They're only in the graveyard long enough for something like Boggart Shenanigans to trigger—by the time the trigger actually resolves, they'll be long gone.

This is because of "state-based actions" (SBAs), which is where the game cleans up anything that should be somewhere else. SBAs are checked after most game events (spells/abilities resolving, combat damage, etc). If you kill a 2/2 creature with Clan Defiance on X = 3, for example, it gets 3 damage marked on it but stays where it is while Defiance deals damage to the player or planeswalker. As soon as Defiance finishes resolving, the game checks state-based actions and finds that the creature has lethal damage, so it's put into the graveyard.

Disappearing tokens work the same way. If you cast Wrath of God they're destroyed (which does put them into the graveyard, triggering Boggart Shenanigans); when the Wrath has finished resolving, state-based actions are checked. The game finds tokens in a place they shouldn't exist (the graveyard) and they stop existing.

Keqing420 on Do tokens go to the …

8 months ago

if someone casts a board wipe, Boggart Shenanigans will still trigger off the tokens. tokens do go to the grave, but then just cease to exist afterward.

Genderfluidia on Do tokens go to the …

8 months ago

So I have a Krenko, Mob Boss deck, so naturally I have a lot of goblin tokens. What I want to know is, if I have Boggart Shenanigans in play, and someone Wrath of God's, does Shenanigans go off?

DBCooper on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER]

10 months ago

Boggart Shenanigans might be good. Can't tell if you've considered it.

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