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Gerrard's Leggacy tuned

Commander / EDH RW (Boros)


Basically the idea is to get a bunch of eggs on the field and use Krark-Clan ironworks or something to sac them for mana to keep casting your commander until you draw one of the infinite combos and win with an implementat of combustion or pyrite spellbomb. I will now list the infinite combos:

Strionic resonator with at least 2 repeatable mana and a draw outlet.

Auramancer with angelic renewal or gift of immortality and 2 or 3 mana respectively and a draw outlet and a creature sac outlet.

Codex shredder with second sunrise or faith's reward and 8 or 9 repeatable mana respectively with a draw outlet.

Salvager of ruin or sigil of the new dawn with enough repeatable mana to cast your commander from hand, a creature sac outlet and a draw outlet. (and repeatable (1)(w) if sigil of the new dawn)

Loyal retainers any creature sac outlet, and a repeatable draw outlet.

Auriok salvagers and lion's Eye diamond. (I mean, duh, both cards are already great in the deck)

Now, this deck uses a combo that basically only I know of; strionic resonator. The way this combo works is you sac Gerrard. Pay 2 to copy his ability, then sac the resonator. This makes a second Gerrard trigger go on the stack. Let it resolve, but before the original trigger resolves, you activate and sac the resonator again. You can now see how it goes infinite. If you have any egg that draws you a card or deals damage to an opponent, you basically win right there.

Footnotes: Don't say I should run ballista, it's bad, it does nothing unless I've gone infinite, and at that point, any egg that draws a card works better because it's already gotten value before I went infinite.


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