Braids is back to bring death and punishment to you and your friends. Ah… reminds me of my ex.

Anyway, this is the only partially Stax focused deck that I’ve ever built so I tried to make it mean, but still tolerable to deal with… unlike someone else I know…

In total, I’ve found at least 12 different infinite combos that you can make with 3 cards or less. The combos in this deck can go infinite with sacrifice cycles that create infinite Eldrazi creature tokens/mana, you can draw your entire deck + gain a life each card, make all opponents infinitely sacrifice, and there are a lot of ways to do infinite damage to the entire board.

Currently it is a mix of sacrificing everything possible, punishing everyone when things die, and finally going for the kill with big hitters like Torment of Hailfire or a win combo.

There are a few things to slow down the opponents so you can buy more time. The Contamination and Karn, the Great Creator combo can totally lock someone out from casting spells. Obviously this won’t work against another mono black deck, but you will have plenty of other ways to raise hell.

If you want your friends to hate you as much as my ex hates me, build this deck! I imagine this deck might change a lot over the next months so any suggestions would be awesome.


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