A deck that has been in the works for 7-8 years...

It started out as Niv-Mizzet the Firemind, then when HOD came out I swapped to The Locust God.

It’s not a fast deck. Sure there are times when it can win T1/2/3, but you need to get really lucky with the starting hand and draws. It’s designed to slow the game down, while focus firing on the meta. Let someone try to go off with a flash hulk, or food chain, then full stop with an uncounterable CounterFlux, or simply just don’t project yourself as the biggest threat on the table, while you slowly build your bug army to insurmountable proportions!

Wincons are pretty simple;

Skullclamp/Altar. Phyrexian Altar draws cards and creates bugs at a 1/1 ratio if you only use altar mana for it, but it can still draw your deck, you just won’t have a massive army from the clamping. Ashnod’s Altar draws at a 4/1 ratio, you’ll have 4 times the amount of cards in your hand as bugs, assuming you only use the altar and no outside mana. You’ll have enough colorless, though!

Kindred Discovery. Get this on the field, attack with one bug with TLG out, and enjoy decking yourself unless you have a way to stop it! Stifle works, a sac outlet such as bombardment or either altar works, pyroblast/REB works, but my favorite is exile simian spirit guide and cast firestorm, discarding whatever amount of cards you need to kill people. This can be used if someone tried to stop your initial removal and the rest of the deck in your hand isn’t enough to counter it...

Dramatic Scepter. Duh, have a couple rocks out and go infinite, TLG is a mana sink for it and you can draw your deck. Combine with Library of Leng and you got yourself exactly 3 shitloads of bugs.

Laboratory Maniac. Don’t need to explain this!

Anyways, this deck has to be as disruptive as possible to thrive in the cEDH scene. Jester’s cap is expensive but it can take a deck from threatening to win to last place in just 6 mana. Stranglehold and Narset shut things down hard. Cursed Totem, while hurting my commander, is almost a necessity to stop other people going off. It holds it’s own in the format!


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