The idea is that I play dragons, and kobolds, I rack up those dragon tokens and eventually play something like Conspiracy to name Kobolds so each time I play a dragon I can pay the and then get a dragon token for playing a dragon and also a kobold token. I have spells to cheapen my spells and a few fun tricks with Cloudstone Curio and my 0 cost kobolds. With Impact Tremors this is a good thing. There is DEVOUR in a few of my dragons, so while I am racking up those kobolds I can swoop in and devour them all. I am thinking of tutors, but I don't know what to take out for them.

You play Changelings in order to proc both of the commander's abilities. The first goal is to play the commander really and I put extra manarocks and stuff in here to get out the commander since every kobold and dragon you play before the commander to get out is pretty much a waste. You get as many dragon tokens out as possible and there are ways to make your spells cheaper. Cloudstone Curio plus any two of the 0 cost kobolds is an infinite combo. Have the commander out and it's infinite dragon tokens, YAY!

This deck features all the best red dragons that I could find and all the kobolds except for 1 or 2.


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