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Time for a better write up of the zombie deck I have created I think.

So, Zombies are fun... A little dead and stinky, but fun. They just never know when to quit!

I have decided to use Gisa and Geralf as my commander to help me get creatures into my graveyard, and also get value from my graveyard.

The real aim of the deck is to get huge amounts of value from the graveyard (Even infinite value sometimes). As well as The Sinister Siblings enabling me to play around in the grave, lots of other single use, or recursive "Play from the Grave" abilities in here. Once I set up an infinite loop, I can use Sidisi, Undead Vizier repeatedly to tutor out my win con. Liliana, Untouched By Death (Ultimated on her entrance to the battle field) and Rooftop Storm set this all up, as I can play Zombies from my graveyard this turn, and Zombies also cost . CRAZY!

If I happen to have sac outlet (there are quite a few) and a Gary available to me, that's game! I can also use stuff like Vindictive Lich repeatedly (Again as a win con).

Added Conspiracy and Arcane Adaptation so my non zombie components, can all be part of the zombie crew as well. Should be able to get a good amount of value this way.

Obligatory Cabal Coffers and Urborg for lots of mana.

Opinions greatly appreciated guys and girls.


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So nothing massive really. Have put a few better lands in the deck, so more dual coloured ones, an Academy Ruins and a Vesuva. At a push it can be something like a command tower, or I can have 2 Cabal Coffers, or if someone has something particularly spicy out, I can have a copy of that.

I have also removed Nirkana Revenant. Whilst it is a really good card, its just not a great fit for the deck. What I have included.....?

Well, enchantments are a pretty big part of the deck. Rooftop Storm, Necroduality, Grave Betrayal.... they are all going to attract some removal. So gone for a classic from The Dark. Skull of Orm will let me bring back those enchantments unless they are exiled. I have ways of getting back Artifacts with Beacon of Unrest and also now my Academy Ruins so I should hopefully be able to access those things from my graveyard.

Thats all for today. Stay safe out there


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