Wanderer's Strike

Wanderer's Strike


Exile target creature, then proliferate. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.)

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Wanderer's Strike Discussion

Caerwyn on the wanderer planeswalker in what …

1 month ago

The MTG Wiki generally does job keeping track of cards related to each planeswalker. They divide this into four categories: (1) Represented--the Planeswalker's cards themselves; (2) Associated Cards, cards like Wanderer's Strike, where the Planeswalker is represented in the card's name; (3) Depicted--cards that show the Planeswalker in the art; and (4) quoted or referred to--where the Planeswalker is referenced in the flavor text.

For The Wanderer they only have the three cards you already mentioned.

9-lives on the wanderer planeswalker in what …

1 month ago

What cards specifically feature The Wanderer? I know there's Wanderer's Strike and Blade Banish. Any more than that?

junga on Mono white +1 counters and lifelink

2 months ago

So, ur deck is kind all over d place, no offense. U decided wat u want ur deck 2 do, but not How (+1 counters vs enchantments, win con etc) and some cards haver no place in there (some odd ones R d Soul's Attendant (fits swarm strategy better), Rhox Veteran (needs swarms and .. i really dont like dat card lol) and d Arcbound Mouser (needs other artifact creature 4 it's ability), Rising Populace (outclassed as far as cmc goes, and ia more of a aristocrat card)and u lack evasion (only d princess may avoid some blockers. Ill assume u want a more direct aggro strategy. Lets focus on creatures first, Sacred Cat os quite Nice, even better agains removal heavy, Healer's Hawk is another 1cmc slot and adds evasion. At d 2cmc u can fill with some 2/2 lifelinkers (LL) (there r some Functional reprints of Ajani's Sunstriker If u want other models and Sungrace Pegasus 1/2 flying LL. On a heavier cmc u can consider Seraph of Dawn as a finisher, a 2/4 LL with flying is Nice. u could consider ETBs pumpers like Dawnfeather Eagle so u can hit and still keep ur defenses up. On d +1 counter profit u could consider maybe Ainok Bond-Kin giving ur creatures with +1/+1 d first Strike ability. I would drop d enchantments pumps since u wont b protecting ur creatures. As Far as removals Go, 8 cards should b enough i Guess. U could use Oblivion Ring or Journey to Nowhere and Sunlance , there r some other Fun options like Weight of Conscience . I would also drop Battlefield Promotion , Moment of Triumph and Wanderer's Strike . Shoulder to Shoulder could be paired with Unbounded Potential for some card draw. White doesnt have dar many card advantage maybe Revitalize could help u 2, and drop 2 Idyllic Grange 4 2 Secluded Steppe . Dis r Just some random thoughts, d most important is 2 have Fun. Oh, and when starting a New deck, think about d rules of 4 (9-10 different non-land cards, 4 copies each so u can reproduce more consistent outcomes )

cascadien on

1 year ago

maybe add more proliferate to abuse your -1 counters with things like Spread the Sickness Wanderer's Strike, Contagion Engine &Evolution Sage.

ToastedBagl on Infect

1 year ago

If you decide to go with Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, you could add Wanderer's Strike, Huatli's Raptor, Priests of Norn, and Valor.

It would also give you access to Gavony Township, True Conviction, and Vault of the Archangel.

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