Soul Sculptor

Soul Sculptor

Creature — Human

(1)(White), Tap: Target creature becomes an enchantment and loses all abilities until a player plays a creature spell.

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Soul Sculptor Discussion

austintayshus on Silent King: Dragonlord Ojutai

2 years ago

I would take out Soul Sculptor and Pestermite or maybe Mental Misstep .

Also, I've always wanted to put Standstill in a deck but haven't found a place for it anywhere. It's kinda Staxy?

ClockworkSwordfish on Momir Basic Cube

2 years ago

Just off the bat, I'm going to say you've got too many creatures with activated abilities that require mana. An ability has to be really good - like say, that of Soul Sculptor - to justify spending less on just making a creature that turn. I guarantee that nobody will ever want to copy their Myr Propagator but pay 3 less for whatever creature they generate.

Try focusing on creatures that stand on their own more fully!

CMGraves on Soul Sculptor on a creature …

4 years ago

If I have Starfield of Nyx and four other enchantments on the field, they all become creatures in addition to enchantments. Let's say I turn Starfield of Nyx back into an enchantment only via Soul Sculptor perhaps in response to a Wrath of God, does Starfield of Nyx become an enchantment and lose "As long as you control five or more enchantments, each other non-Aura enchantment you control is a creature..." thereby keeping my other enchantments safe?

shaistyone on Old, Hidden Gems in EDH

4 years ago

Love the ones already mentioned. Some of my favorites you don't see very often:
Absolute Grace / Absolute Law - people tend to shy away because of their variability, but they can be absolute beatings
Gideon's Intervention - brand new, but woefully underrepresented - drop it, name Nekusar or Purpohoros, and feel excellent.. lol
Soul Sculptor - this is a very silly card that functions like a veritable toolbox of creature control
Meltdown - Oh, the things I've blown up on turn 2 (Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, artifact lands, etc)

JA14732 on

4 years ago

It's definitely a very good start. Cards to keep an eye out for:

Spirit of the Labyrinth. This is a must-have for hatebears decks. Halting your opponents from card advantaging you out is insane.

Vryn Wingmare/Thalia, Guardian of Thraben/Glowrider: Why not? Use your cheaper creatures to grind out your opponent. Also tax them for trying to stop you.

Aura of Silence: Again, tax your opponents. Also has an incredible rider on it.

Lodestone Golem: Big beater? Check. Taxes your opponent? Check.

Leonin Arbiter: Tax your opponents, yet again.

Rule of Law: Preventing combos, by the books. Curse of Exhaustion also works, but is single target.

Ethersworn Canonist: Like above, except also beats for 2. A great inclusion.

Hokori, Dust Drinker: Is it a Winter Orb that beats? Sure, why not.

Samurai of the Pale Curtain: While not as amazing as he used to be, still a beater that hurts graveyard based decks.

Dauntless Escort: Because who doesn't like a repeatable Archangel Avacyn  Flip? Bonus points for use with Karmic Guide + Reveillark .

Nezumi Graverobber: Okay, stealing creatures from yards, stripping them bare AND beating down? This guy just isn't fair. Also, Faerie Macabre does well, especially if you have to get something out of a yard.

Voidstone Gargoyle: At 5 mana, less important, but he can lock your opponents out of their commander. Or a board wipe. Or really anything.

Acidic Slime: Cheap, good, repeatable, also just generally good. Did I mention that he was good?

Eternal Witness: Semi-expensive rn, but if you have to get something back, accept NO substitutes.

Qasali Pridemage: Me-ow.

Vampire Hexmage: Opponent has an annoying 'walker? Got a Walking Ballista? Hangarback Walker? They playing Atraxa? Want something dead? Welcome our Hexmage overlords!

Phyrexian Revoker: Legacy staple, also beats for 2.

Dust Elemental: Save 3 dudes, get a beater. All-in-all, a win-win.

Hushwing Gryff: While it does turn off many cards, it also turns off your opponents. Use at your own risk.

Stonecloaker: Just do it.

Oblation: Just do it.

Soul Sculptor: 'Tis but a silly card, and one that really hurts some decks. Very, very badly.

Arena of the Ancients: Opponents relying on legendary creatures? Well fear not, because this turns them all off!

Most of these cards are sub-$2, but they may be somewhat hard to find. Keep an eye out, and your deck will quickly become terrifying.

Also, maybe 5-6 more lands?

Neotrup on Is Synod Artificer able to …

4 years ago

If Synod Artificer stops being a creature (perhaps because of Soul Sculptor's ability) and starts being an artifact (perhaps because of Liquimetal Coating's ability, then yes, you can choose Synod Artificer with it's own ability, in order to untap it and a number of other things, perhaps forming an infinite mana combo if those artifacts tap for mana. However, assembling this combo is exceptionally difficult as you have to both remove a permanent type and add a different one.

discipleofgary73 on Can you not? ~Enchantress Primer~

5 years ago

@DaringApprentice - Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! There was a lot to mull over. I thought about the other Theros gods when I was first putting this deck together, and they were some of the last cards I cut. It came down to Heliod, God of the Sun and Kruphix, God of Horizons working better within the deck. I'll have to revisit them now that I've played it a bunch though (cutting Soul Sculptor for sure, though I'd probably just add a land there). The artifacts for them are pretty awesome though. I definitely am leaning towards the Bow of Nylea and the Spear of Heliod.
For the others in that post, I like Sylvan Library (though it's a bit pricey $ wise), Stasis would be risky for me unless I re-outfitted to take full advantage of Derevi. Nature's Will is pretty funny; I don't remember coming across that one. I'm not sure how much I want to rely on my creatures, though. Aura Shards and Aura of Silence I never thought about putting in, mostly because I don't have too many issues destroying things if I go that route, and creatures, again, aren't something I end up utilizing very much. I like Stasis better than Rising Waters, but gotta appreciate older blue control. Darksteel Mutation will probably go in, as Song of the Dryads is one of my favorites, so doubling up would be nice. Oblivion Ring and Detention Sphere are good control options, but also limited in a sense.
For the second post, I like the Archetypes, and will probably put at least Archetype of Imagination in, even if more for a defensive use. Aegis of the Gods is a better Ivory Mask, so it's just negligence that's not in there now! Fountain Watch seemed overkill with the shroud I already have going - I had it in for a bit at the beginning while playtesting actually. Vernal Equinox scares me, but I also like the risk of using Hypergenesis, so why not? I'd be fine using the Tethered Griffin and it would make a great low cmc creature to have. Plea for Guidance is a must-have. It'll be going in for sure.
For your final, all of those are cool options, and ones I would definitely come back to if I go a more creature-focused route. By the way, Pemmin's Aura totally reminds me of Zephid's Embrace - I'm not sure which one I like better.

shaistyone on

5 years ago

Here is my mono-white deck, you might find some stuff you like: Rune-Tail Vigilance EDH

Terrain Generator - not many people include it, but it should be a staple in any deck with lots of basics
Thawing Glaciers - slow but steady card advantage as it pulls lands out
Endless Horizons - resist the urge to take all of your plains, and this is an extra card every turn
Leonin Sun Standard - far superior to one-shot pump effects because you can use it every turn
Reconnaissance - allows attacking wildly even without an active Odric + pseudo-vigilance
Blind Obedience / Crackdown - gross synergy, but both still very useful on their own
Soul Sculptor - insane toolbox of a card

Other than these general recommendations, it really comes down to what is killing you in the games you lose. I would probably pack more anti-wrath tech (Faith's Reward, Ghostway, etc), but your experience with the deck may differ.

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