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Vrondiss's Extreme Masochism Combo Deck

Commander / EDH* Combo Infinite Combo RG (Gruul) Tokens


The main gimmick of this deck is to go infinite with Vrondiss's first ability by first giving him indestructible, then pinging him once to start the chain and going infinite with any of the repeatable pings that can target Vrondiss again, and using the dragons with a Warstorm Surge effect to deal as much damage as necessary. You can easily win by other methods though, for example by either swinging out with an anthem like Crucible of Fire on the field or alternatively, Atarka, World Render.

Cards are explained by custom categories, except for the "other" section, which I will detail here: Crashing Drawbridge and Fires of Yavimaya allow you to swing out with your dragons as soon as you get them, likely ending the game a turn earlier. Goblin Engineer is used only to tutor Darksteel Plate if you do not have another method of indestructibility, and any cheap artifact can be sacrificed to bring it onto the battlefield. Sarkhan the Masterless simply makes use of his first ability to often allow you to avoid wasting your fragile dragon tokens to block. Shamanic Revelation is a relatively weak inclusion in this deck but can have its obvious uses. Outpost Siege essentially regenerates your dragons when they die by allowing you to ping Vrondiss. Lastly, Sarkhan's Triumph is used only to tutor Scourge of Valkas/Terror of the Peaks if you do not have another infinite ping source.

If you're looking to cut this deck down to budget, Terror of the Peaks is a good place to start at $30, and many of the indestructibility cards are also quite expensive, notably Stonehoof Chieftain at $20.

I'm definitely looking for suggestions to improve this deck so I would appreciate a comment.


T1:Land,Sol Ring

T2:Land,Dragon Tempest

T3:Land,Prodigal Pyromancer

T4:Land,Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients,Withstand Death,Tap pyromancer targeting Vrondiss, win.


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