EDH Mono-G Partners, Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer & Gilanra, Caller of Wirewood
Mono-Green Golem Tribal (Ramp + Artifacts)

This deck started off as kind of accident. My playgroup accepted the challenge to each buy a single box of Commander Legends and build a "normal," 100-card EDH deck out of it. We also drafted decks out of those same boxes (beforehand, of course), and I drafted a decent Liesa, Shroud of Dusk deck. So for the "challenge deck," I was torn between either fleshing out the Liesa deck, or building another deck, possibly Simic ramp or something voltron-y with Dargo, the Shipwrecker . Then I stopped and re-read Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer for maybe the fortieth time, and then... I couldn't stop thinking about it. I ended up deciding to make both this deck and Liesa for the challenge, but I already have a lifegain-oriented Orzhov EDH deck, so the Liesa deck will be short-lived, meanwhile this deck is the one I'm actually going to keep around for regular play. I just felt like sharing that. You don't have to care.
This deck is built around Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer , or as I like to call him Itchy . The plan is to make golems, then trigger Itchy to make him and all my golems really big. Then I plan to swing.

As a partner, I chose Gilanra, Caller of Wirewood because it's ramp and (conditional) card draw in the Command zone. Golems are expensive, so this--plus the usual ramping and some discount effects--should alleviate some of the pressure of casting so many expensive creatures.

The main problem I'm having so far is finding reliable ways to make sure I can trigger Itchy . A handful or so of sac outlets would be nice, otherwise I have to rely on my opponent to kill my artifacts for me in order to trigger Itchy . Suggestion in this regard would be much welcome. Thanks in advance.

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