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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Resilient Khenra Samut, the Tested Khenra Scrapper Vile Manifestation Struggle / Survive Earthshaker Khenra God-Pharaoh's Gift Adorned Pouncer
1 - 2 Oketra's Avenger Vizier of the True Desert's Hold Fraying Sanity Ominous Sphinx Tenacious Hunter Open Fire Kefnet's Last Word
1 - 3 Banewhip Punisher Sinuous Striker Khenra Scrapper Aerial Guide Vizier of the Anointed Unquenchable Thirst Hope Tender Hope Tender
1 - 4 Torment of Venom Sunscourge Champion Inferno Jet Seer of the Last Tomorrow Ambuscade Consign / Oblivion Rhonas's Stalwart Oketra's Avenger
1 - 5 Dauntless Aven Devotee of Strength Unraveling Mummy Aerial Guide Blur of Blades Brambleweft Behemoth Desert of the Glorified Desert of the Fervent
1 - 6 Endless Sands Firebrand Archer Blur of Blades Unquenchable Thirst Dauntless Aven Brambleweft Behemoth Desert of the Fervent Brambleweft Behemoth
1 - 7 Feral Prowler Brambleweft Behemoth Fraying Sanity Carrion Screecher Sidewinder Naga Ruin Rat Razaketh's Rite Torment of Venom
1 - 8 Desert of the Glorified Frontline Devastator Desert of the True Without Weakness Feral Prowler Feral Prowler Harrier Naga Feral Prowler
1 - 9 Countervailing Winds Blur of Blades Seer of the Last Tomorrow Striped Riverwinder Brambleweft Behemoth Gilded Cerodon Carrion Screecher Survivors' Encampment
1 - 10 Dagger of the Worthy Aven Reedstalker Appeal / Authority Countervailing Winds Gilded Cerodon Marauding Boneslasher Aven of Enduring Hope Mummy Paramount
1 - 11 Disposal Mummy Marauding Boneslasher Scrounger of Souls Razaketh's Rite Marauding Boneslasher Crypt of the Eternals Desert of the Mindful Solitary Camel
1 - 12 Gift of Strength Defiant Khenra Lurching Rotbeast Lurching Rotbeast Kindled Fury Desert of the Mindful Kindled Fury Aven of Enduring Hope
1 - 13 Beneath the Sands Crash Through Scrounger of Souls Countervailing Winds Crypt of the Eternals Proven Combatant Graven Abomination Disposal Mummy
1 - 14 Seer of the Last Tomorrow Defiant Khenra Gideon's Defeat Crash Through Dutiful Servants Dutiful Servants Djeru's Renunciation Gideon's Defeat
2 - 1 Kefnet's Last Word Open Fire Open Fire Aerial Guide Adorned Pouncer Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign Crook of Condemnation Unraveling Mummy
2 - 2 Fervent Paincaster Inferno Jet Steward of Solidarity Consign / Oblivion Sandblast Swarm Intelligence Vile Manifestation Sifter Wurm
2 - 3 Steward of Solidarity Desert of the Indomitable Fervent Paincaster Scrounger of Souls Steward of Solidarity Puncturing Blow Aven Reedstalker Unraveling Mummy
2 - 4 Farm / Market Sunset Pyramid Riddleform Oasis Ritualist Sunset Pyramid Spellweaver Eternal Obelisk Spider Rhonas's Stalwart
2 - 5 Desert of the Glorified Puncturing Blow Torment of Venom Swarm Intelligence Sandblast Striped Riverwinder Unraveling Mummy Dauntless Aven
2 - 6 Khenra Scrapper Rampaging Hippo Oketra's Avenger Carrion Screecher Oasis Ritualist Oasis Ritualist Brambleweft Behemoth Brambleweft Behemoth
2 - 7 Shefet Dunes Rampaging Hippo Lethal Sting Aven Reedstalker Desert of the Glorified Strategic Planning Harrier Naga Feral Prowler
2 - 8 Rhonas's Stalwart Farm / Market Survivors' Encampment Ruin Rat Carrion Screecher Aerial Guide Ipnu Rivulet Thorned Moloch
2 - 9 Aven of Enduring Hope Gilded Cerodon Desert of the Indomitable Lurching Rotbeast Firebrand Archer Spellweaver Eternal Desert of the Mindful Dauntless Aven
2 - 10 Solemnity Desert of the Fervent Dunes of the Dead Without Weakness Unsummon Seer of the Last Tomorrow Lurching Rotbeast Wretched Camel
2 - 11 Khenra Eternal Imminent Doom Carrion Screecher Cunning Survivor Survivors' Encampment Spellweaver Eternal Survivors' Encampment Steadfast Sentinel
2 - 12 Aven Reedstalker Granitic Titan Proven Combatant Grisly Survivor Tragic Lesson Gift of Strength Lurching Rotbeast Solemnity
2 - 13 Seer of the Last Tomorrow Strategic Planning Frilled Sandwalla God-Pharaoh's Faithful Dutiful Servants Without Weakness Steadfast Sentinel Dutiful Servants
2 - 14 Dune Diviner Kindled Fury Act of Heroism Nissa's Defeat Life Goes On Djeru's Renunciation Frilled Sandwalla God-Pharaoh's Faithful
3 - 1 Hope Tender Sifter Wurm Crypt of the Eternals Doomfall Chaos Maw Kefnet's Last Word Sunscourge Champion Crested Sunmare
3 - 2 Ramunap Ruins Tenacious Hunter Oketra's Avenger Swarm Intelligence Chaos Maw Devotee of Strength Lurching Rotbeast Hour of Eternity
3 - 3 Sunset Pyramid Desert of the Indomitable Seer of the Last Tomorrow Cunning Survivor Fervent Paincaster Devotee of Strength Jace's Defeat Accursed Horde
3 - 4 Burning-Fist Minotaur Brambleweft Behemoth Nissa's Defeat Striped Riverwinder Bloodwater Entity Lethal Sting Proven Combatant Ambuscade
3 - 5 Rhonas's Stalwart Desert of the Indomitable Dauntless Aven Aerial Guide Overcome Aerial Guide Oasis Ritualist Sandblast
3 - 6 Obelisk Spider Unraveling Mummy Ruin Rat Grisly Survivor Unquenchable Thirst Ambuscade Ruin Rat Dauntless Aven
3 - 7 Desert of the Glorified Desert of the Indomitable Frontline Devastator Imaginary Threats Gilded Cerodon Firebrand Archer Driven / Despair Angel of the God-Pharaoh
3 - 8 Solitary Camel Sidewinder Naga Lethal Sting Khenra Eternal Gilded Cerodon Cunning Survivor Farm / Market Mummy Paramount
3 - 9 Thorned Moloch Scavenger Grounds Aven of Enduring Hope Khenra Eternal Tragic Lesson Spellweaver Eternal Angel of the God-Pharaoh Desert of the True
3 - 10 Solitary Camel Manalith Tragic Lesson Djeru's Renunciation Blur of Blades Proven Combatant Harrier Naga Feral Prowler
3 - 11 Beneath the Sands Feral Prowler Rhonas's Stalwart Countervailing Winds Claim / Fame Rhonas's Stalwart Sidewinder Naga Torment of Venom
3 - 12 Puncturing Blow Defiant Khenra Granitic Titan Steadfast Sentinel Aven Reedstalker Act of Heroism Carrion Screecher Steadfast Sentinel
3 - 13 Survivors' Encampment Gift of Strength Without Weakness Scrounger of Souls Frilled Sandwalla Gift of Strength Solitary Camel Kindled Fury
3 - 14 Act of Heroism Carrion Screecher Defiant Khenra Crash Through God-Pharaoh's Faithful Kindled Fury Disposal Mummy Gift of Strength