Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Creatures you control get +2/+2 and gain trample until end of turn.

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Overcome Discussion

MoGoose831 on Upping my ULTRA BUDGET!

2 weeks ago

Hey thanks for the indepth recommendations Kukitan!!!

I really like how dangerous Tenacious Hunter looks cant believe he has never crossed my path! Would you recommend him over Crocodile of the Crossing?

Majestic Myriarch and Channeler Initiate are both great cards but cards I dont think I will have the wiggle room for at least not a playset of either...

Driven is great and cheaper cmc wise than Overcome but that +2/+2 to all creatures just seems too good! I know I have a couple lying around and will test them both out to see which works better.

I've been playing Magic on and off since the Onslaught and dont like to get too competative so I keep the cost of my ULTRA BUDGET decks around $15 mostly as a deck building challenge for myself. Plus I love beating people's +$200 decks... Its the best!

windlnk on Why do you play Green?

2 weeks ago

I may be Unhinged Bolas, borderline Unstable. But even I'm not insane enough to want to work for you. I know how you Grixis folk work with your Cruel Ultimatums and your Dark Intimations if you want a minion try calling up my Evil Twin I'm sure you would get along great.

As for me however I am a proud mage I run wild with the Pack fighting along side All My friends. Bring your reckonings and your Extinctions For when the time comes nature will shield us with a mighty intervention. We will Slice in Twain your places of power and Feast upon your False gifts. Be afraid for soon we will Overcome You and all your Allies .

yungjigga on Yisan Foolbox

3 weeks ago

Triumph of the Hordes over Overcome, if you don't mind Phyrexia's influence.

Kizmetto on RGW

1 month ago

Growing Rites of Itlimoc or New Horizons for more rampy? I'd drop white all together for this deck. I think you're running too man high curves, even when cheating out from Champion of Rhonas, what about some Dowsing Dagger too for sweet flip land? I'd drop 2 Thundering Spineback and 2 Verdant Sun's Avatar for the Growing Rites of Itlimoc and drop Onward / Victory for 3 New Horizons. Drop 2 Engineered Might for Larger Than Life , Crash the Ramparts or Overcome perhaps. I think you could substitute Pyramid of the Pantheon for Dowsing Dagger and have you considered the buddylands? Rootbound Crag would speed it up! I'd drop 2 Sheltered Thicket for it. Drover of the Mighty is a better upgrade than Naga Vitalist.

Cultivator's Caravan might fit here.

Rex_JB24 on G/R Pummeler (Post-Rotation)

1 month ago

It may sound dopey, but I like surprising my opponents with cards outside the meta. So, I'm going to suggest Overcome even though it's a bad card normally. I think that a list this low to the ground can make it work as a finisher, and it has the potential to be more powerful than Glorybringer in any situation where you have 3+ creatures.

Gim on Standard Horse Tribal

1 month ago

I would drop the caravans and pyramids in favor of the better mana creatures green has access to.

The Kaladesh block has access to Druid of the Cowl and Servant of the Conduit, and the Amonkhet block has Naga Vitalist. Any number of these would help for when you drop Rhonas's Last Stand since they will still untap next turn while your lands won't.

Botanical Sanctum would be a good upgrade to Woodland Stream and Life Goes On is better than Renewed Faith and Luxa River Shrine in terms of life gain.

Oketra's Monument is always a good fit in a white token deck.

I would also recommend dropping Altered Ego since it more expensive than Vizier for less payoff and less utility, raising Metallic Mimic to 4, and lowering Nissa to 1. If you want similar trample effects that are more easily accessed try Overcome or Larger Than Life.

With all of these drops you can afford to put in some protection from Blue or White to help keep your combos from being disrupted and some cheaper creatures that will assist in getting your combo going.

Hope any of this helps.

Schrodingers_Cat on Tribal Kitty Cats

2 months ago

A couple of suggestions of cats you could add:Prowling Serpopard to deal with control decks; Aetherstream Leopard + Riparian Tiger to better exploit charge counters; Scrounging Bandar early game creature that can help out your bigger cats late game; Scythe Leopard early game creatures; Felidar Cub can serve as artifact removal or just attack; Felidar Sovereign also a potential win condition

Some instants you could add:Acrobatic Maneuver + Eerie Interlude + Long Road Home blink a cat to avoid damage or to re-trigger Regal Caracal; Appetite for the Unnatural + Decommission makes great enchantment or artifact removal; Commencement of Festivities + Encircling Fissure to stall longer; Gift of Strength + Highspire Infusion + Mighty Leap + Shed Weakness + Swell of Growth for buffing; Gideon's Reproach + Immolating Glare for potentially cheap removal; Life Goes On is really cheap life gain and can combo with Felidar Sovereign; Lifecrafter's Gift can combo with Metallic Mimic; Pulse of Murasa is a generally good card; Prepare / Fight + Tenacity for a smack down end game

Some sorceries:Appeal / Authority + Driven / Despair + Engineered Might + Larger Than Life + Ondu Rising + Overcome for more end game smack down; Approach of the Second Sun could be a win condition if you want, especially if you're stalling; Attune with Aether for lands and energy; Chaplain's Blessing for extra life and to combo with Felidar Sovereign; Collective Effort has a variety of good uses; Dubious Challenge would work well if you get more high cost creatures; Earthen Arms + Incremental Growth for a permanent buff; Mouth / Feed for a creature and card draws; Not Forgotten to either fetch from graveyard or remove from graveyard;

Finally, a few enchantments:Cartouche of Strength + Cartouche of Solidarity + Gryff's Boon + Conviction + Iona's Blessing major creature buffs, Call for Unity + Trial of Solidarity end game smack down, Always Watching make all your non token cats stronger; Authority of the Consuls to punish your opponent and limit his blockers; Bonds of Mortality potentially add to deal with hexproof and indestructible; Bound by Moonsilver removal that can move; Durable Handicraft + Oath of Ajani + Retreat to Kazandu adds more +1/+1 counters; Overwhelming Splendor + Sandwurm Convergence wind condition; Gift of Paradise extra life and mana;

Of course, this is far more cards then you could have in your deck, so you'll need to mix and match. I really recommend Felidar Sovereign and some heal cards like Life Goes On, as this makes a potentially very easy win con. I also think you should try to exploit getting +1/+1 counters more, since green and white are perfect for that. Lots of potential cards for cat decks, I wish you luck finding a good selection.

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