Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Creatures you control get +2/+2 and gain trample until end of turn.

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Overcome Discussion

t3hdarkness on {Kumena's} Merfolk Explorers (Needs Help)

5 days ago

I just want to double check here. You mean it loses to Brawl Dinos or Standard Dinos.A Standard deck should probably beat a Brawl Deck 100% of the time unless its something that relies on a specific life total or is very gimmicky.

This might just be a difference in Deckbuilding Philosophy or local meta, but Brawl is designed as a multiplayer format where one or two counter spells may be good, but less is more in most circumstances. Insidious Will and Admiral's Order might be the only ones worth keeping.

I think your deck needs more meat. Rhonas the Indomitable, Rhonas's Monument, and Overcome should help you deliver the boot where it needs to go. Blackblade Reforged can also deliver devastating hits with an unblockable commander like yours.

You might also want a little utility. Cards like Wayward Swordtooth, Uncage the Menagerie, and Mirage Mirror are very versatile.

Mtg473112 on Slimefoot's Sapbrawlings

1 month ago

Hello again :)

You are a very prolific brewer. I like this commander.

Some questions :

That's some of my reflexions. You have plenty of possibilities with this commander :)

HeavyR on Simic Merfolk (Sideboard suggestions please)

1 month ago

Sideboard options that I like that arent on your mainboard:

Hadana's Climb  Flip Really helps build your board power and wins you games

Deeproot Waters great against control and in grindy matchups

Negate All purpose, really hurts when they try to drop Chandra

Admiral's Order Best for Settle the Wreckage and Torrential Gearhulk

Unsummon Works well against vehicles and protects your own investments

Overcome To push through damage, can win games singlehandedly

Plummet takes care of pesky fliers, which is definitely a weakness for Merfolk

Naturalize plenty of these types of effects in standard

Shapers' Sanctuary Comes in over Kopala against Fatal Push

Silent Gravestone Dont worry about Scarab God or GPG

Sorcerous Spyglass Shuts down PW's and Exert

Vanquisher's Banner great card for more grindy matches

Skinken on Selesnya Exertion

2 months ago

Wow, I haven't been on untap lately, but the arguments about this deck turned pretty interesting. I would like to state my opinion.

First off, HeavyR, Shapers' Sanctuary does work with Blossoming Defense. Your opponent casts say Lightning Strike on your creature, then the sanctuary trigger goes on the stack. You can respond to the trigger by casting Blossoming Defense on your creature. Now let's resolve the stack: first the Blossoming Defense grants the creature +2/+2 and hexproof, then you draw a card from Shapers' Sanctuary, then the Lightning Strike looks to see if it's targets are all still valid. They aren't since the creature has hexproof and thus it fizzles.

While we are at it, let's make another correction: FlabbyAbs said there are no Overruns in standard. We actually have exactly a powered down overrun in Overcome. Is this something you want in your deck? I don't know how your deck tends to play out when facing other standard decks, but if you often sit on 3-6 creatures but no window to attack, then sure. If you have trouble sticking more than 2 creatures on the board don't even consider it. I would also like to think Overcome is simply better than Engineered Might.

Personally I'm a huge fan of Heroic Intervention, but only as a 1 or 2-off. I was lucky enough to draft two of them in an Aether Revolt draft last year and I went undefeated. The strength of the card lies in it's ability to take care of a lot of problems your creatures might encounter: Blockers, Attackers, Removal and Wraths. I would include a copy mainboard, and maybe one in the sideboard as well. Blossoming Defense just keeps perfoming in the games i've seen it. In my opinion it's the only card worth splashing green for, and I would prolly run the full playset if you don't run Heroic Intervention. If you run heroic, I would run a 3-1 split between the two. Cut Sheltering Light, it's just a way shittier card than the two great green options.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary is a really good card, and in a slow control game it's totally insane. It's a sideboard card for sure, but a VERY good one. The scry is already great and the card advantage is completely stupid after drawing 4-10 cards. It also synergizes with Oketra's Monument. How? Well, both cards big weakness is Abrade. The way to counter a specific removal type is to run no targets for it or way too many targets to handle anyway. While we are on the topic of Oketra's Monument, i see no reason not to run 4. The only downside is the legendary tag, but I can't think of a case where you wouldn't want it. With bestiary it becomes "Whenever you play a creature, put a 1/1 warrior token onto the battlefield, then draw a card", since the discount and extra price counteract eachother. Good stuff.

I guess I have to state my opinion on Shapers' Sanctuary and Authority of the Consuls. I don't agree with the point that bringing down the curve makes the deck more aggresive. When neither of the cards impact the board, it's a no-tempo play. Authority is great against mono-red but the purpose HeavyR presents is to delay every blocker your opponent plays by one turn. While I agree with HeavyR that you should have a way to deal with blockers, there are honestly tons of ways to do this. Angel of Sanctions removes a blocker twice, while also developing your own board. Surprisingly many decks don't play a lot of creatures early anyway. And you deal with counterattacks very well by having vigilance from Radiant Destiny and tokens form Oketra's Monument. I would say that blockers is not really your big concern with your current list. Shapers' Sanctuary is a little more tricky. Remember that it's only good if it draws 3+ card. Drawing one you might as well just play a card with cycling, and two cards for is fine but not really impressive. And this is if you draw it on turn one, wich you are unlikely to only do. Ask yourself: If I play this on turn six, can I still expect to draw at least 2 cards? If that's the case it's awesome. If not it's a lot worse than just running Dissenter's Deliverance or something like that.

I will move on to the maybeboard and some mainboard creatures now, since you asked for it. But first remember this is my opinion on your deck. Whether to run one creature or another comes down to three things: How much you should play it, how well it actually performs and how much you want to play it. If you are really competitive the last one doesn't apply but either way I can only supply you with the first one. Here are my thoughts either way ;)

Tocatli Honor Guard is amazing... If you were your opponent. But you are unlikely going to damage your opponent more than yourself. In fact, this is the kinda deck I would love to play Torpor Orb against, seems stupid to develop it yourself.

Maulfist Revolutionary is usually a surpricingly good card, and the 3/3 trample is pretty nice in itself. If you stack the triggers right you can even play it as a followup to a turn 2 Metallic Mimic to get a 5/5 trample. However, it seems very inconsistent especially with the . I would not play this.

Narnam Renegade fits into the same caterogy: pretty good when it works, but it doesn't so it's not good enough. You don't trigger revolt often enough to make it worth it, and your deck does not need a deathtoucher (no Pounce/Prey Upon/Nature's Way to abuse it).

I like the idea of Trueheart Duelist. It's a good blocker, but mostly it's a recurring creature and a token. If you include a playset you might wanna consider running a single Anointed Procession as well. By now you have enough good tokens to justify it.

Rhonas's Stalwart is a pretty cool idea, but the card is mediocre. If you want to play warriors, Bitterblade Warrior used to be a powerhouse in limited. You know what else used to be a limited powerhouse though? Gust Walker. It's sadly not a warrior but on every other level it's almost strictly better than Stalwart. This would be my choice for two-drops 9 and 10, after Metallic Mimic and Glory-Bound Initiate.

The reason to play Sunscourge Champion would be to gain life while playing creatures. Ask yourself: Why do I need 2-6 life? The answer would most likely be: I don't. There is another reason to play it, but that would require a different deck. However, if we for a moment pretend you already play 4x Oketra's Monument instead of two and also choose to play 4x Trueheart Duelist and 1-2x Anointed Procession it is very good. It helps avoid getting flooded with legendary Monuments, and it also has the potential to be doubled, wich is insane. This would be a big detour from your deck, so I'm not sure this is something you want. It's a great sideboard card though, because you might suddenly be in a spot where lifepoints are very dear to you.

Last note: some sideboard cards seem odd. Ahn-Crop Champion seems weak, even though it does help combat enchantment-removal by being a creature version of Radiant Destiny. Ashes of the Abhorrent is only good against Torrential Gearhulk since it also hurts your own angels. Engineered Might I already mention, and lastly Restoration Specialist seems bad. I get the idea, but you might as well just run some more of the enchantments you want back from the graveyard, and it's not a human nor a warrior.

The deck has improved greatly already, so great job! I hope my suggestions are less of an annoyance than a help, I know my comments tend to be on the long side ;)

magicsheep on Cool Cats

2 months ago

I guess if you played it, Metallic Mimic could be a cat ;)....I would highly recommend this cards, it's a great win condition.

Also, if you have Overcome it can win you the game easily.

Waffles13 on Explorianimator

4 months ago

Authority of the Consuls or Overcome could work in the event you face off against tokens.

Waffles13 on Explorianimator

4 months ago

I'm messing around with the deck and I agree tokens are a pain for this. Maybe Overcome has a place in here. But this would result in a different build instead of the artifact combos. Authority of the Consuls is pretty good against tokens and would fit in the sideboard.

OpenFire_V2 on Mistical Merfolk

4 months ago

I would recommend ditching all your Disallow and Aggressive Urge, they're both too slow and don't put out a creature. You want a lot of creatures. Same with Overcome, it seems good but you'll have enough creatures anyways that you don't need a big sorcery to win. Possibly also cut a few Swift Warden or Jadelight Ranger as they are too much mana. You have 16 3 mana cards, which is over double what I'd recommend in an aggressive deck like this. For replacements, look into Kumena's Speaker, Mist-Cloaked Herald (1/1 unblockable for U), Vineshaper Mystic (A more powerful 3 drop), maybe 1 or 2 Tempest Caller as an I-Win button like Overcome but cheaper and giving you a body. Good start!

These changes should also make the deck a good deal cheaper, which is nice. You also might not need the full 4 Kumena, since he's legendary so you can only have 1 on the field. Maybe 2 or 3. He's real powerful, though

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