Jace's Defeat


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Jace's Defeat


Counter target blue spell. If it was a Jace planeswalker spell, scry 2.

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Jace's Defeat Discussion

grixisfanboy921 on Grixis Control

1 week ago

I have changed the Sideboard to include the The Locust God Also removed the Jace's Defeat and replaced it with Lost Legacy. Thank you Ser1ousGaM3r for the Suggestions.

zandl on Esper Over--OH WAIT

1 month ago

Sweltering Suns is better than Yahenni's Expertise here. How often will you really net sweet value out of that free spell, especially if you wipe the board? You really only have Opt and Supreme Will for that, and I don't know if dumping Supreme Will on turn-4 is really the best thing if you're already limiting yourself with the number of counters you're playing. Sweltering Suns to the main and cutting Expertise makes a lot more sense, as Suns costs 1 less and can be cycled in otherwise-dead matches.

Glimmer of Genius is really the best card in the deck, so you should prioritize making that a playset. I'd play 4 Glimmer before 4 Opt, tbh.

For your sideboard, cut Spell Pierce and Jace's Defeat for Negate. Pierce is dead after turn-4 in control match-ups, and not being able to hit Planeswalkers is a big deal. Pierce is much better in tempo/aggro decks for use against control. For you, I'd even say Negate is strictly better, especially given how many times you're going to play control mirrors and both players have 11 lands on the board. Lightning Strike should probably be Chandra's Defeat, which can kill Glorybringer, Chandra, and the most playable dinosaurs with a single mana.

dentalflosstycoon on Temur Through Rotation (100% Competitive)

1 month ago

It could certainly be a viable build, and if it turns out to give me some trouble I may add more Sweltering Suns to the sideboard since all the pirates seem to have three toughness or lower. Then, even if they have Admiral Beckett Brass out, when Beckett dies from Suns, the other pirates lose their extra toughness and die from being dealt three damage and having three or less toughness, except they won't have Ramunap Ruins to try and finish me off later. Spell Pierce and similar are annoying, but post-SB against a deck like Grixis pirates, I would bring in 3-4 Sweltering Suns, Spell Pierce of my own, Jace's Defeat, possibly Supreme Will, etc.

Blargmax on U/W Tribal Spirits/Crippling Ghosts

1 month ago

Your deck looks pretty solid. Some things to consider: Jace's Defeat may not be as useful as other counter spells because it only works against blue spells, and the chances are small that you will need to counter a Jace planeswalker to make its 2nd ability worth it - instead, it may be a good idea to add Disallow or Dissolve; you might want to consider adding one or two of Invocation of Saint Traft to go along with Geist of Saint Traft; I would be tempted to move Steel of the Godhead to your mainboard and Unsummon to your sideboard, but that's just me. Other than those, your deck looks pretty good!

iAzire on Archenemy: Nicol Bolas

2 months ago

I figured I would have to build Bolas to be stronger, and probably build it to be a little more competitive. I'm thinking fast mana, a legit cEDH mana base, etc.

The other decks will be cheaper because they are either Mono or two color. Probably won't include fast mana.

My issue is figuring out a strategy that each character can run with. I obviously don't want two characters to run the same strategy, and I would like it to be thematic. Liliana might go with a Zombie token swarm style, Chandra with Burn, etc.

I am already planning on including as many on theme cards as possible. I figure Bolas can run Dark Intimations. The deck could also run Jace's Defeat, Liliana's Defeat, and Chandra's Defeat. Each deck will run Hour of Devastation full art Basics.

After that, I will find fitting cards for the strategy, then choose the best printing possible.


I would like to stick to Commander rules as much as possible, meaning only 1 of any card, except Basic Lands. The only thing I'm thinking about changing is having the Planeswalker in each deck actually be the Commander. I think it fits better.

Delta-117 on Does the Gatewatch have a ...

2 months ago

Well are you aware of the defeat cycle of uncommons?

Jace's Defeat, Gideon's Defeat, Liliana's Defeat, and so on?

Also the HOU artbook in summary already tells us too.

Geo67 on Sultai Reanimator (Rotation Proof)

3 months ago

I will say, I run two Scarab Gods, but only because I was fortunate to open both of them. If I hadn't opened him. I think having two of him is pretty important because they can exile one, and then you're a bit stuck.

I run 3 Verdurous Gearhulks, and he makes it pretty uncomfortable for your opponent when he starts dishing out counters, especially to the Nimble Obstructionist .

I think you may want to play a pair of Jace's Defeat in your side for the mirror...this card will stop a lot of blue threats, including Scarab God. I also run an Hour of Glory in my main because it works on Gods, and can get rid of that pesky Gideon when he attacks...instant speed aw yeah.

I found one of the biggest challenges was to have playable land right away...so I removed the man lands, and subbed in two evolving wilds, thins the deck, gives you shuffles, isn't rotating, and helps a ton.

I think this deck is going to get even better when the new sets come out, and core sets come back.

Some other cards I may play around with: Hour of Eternity, Seer of the Last Tomorrow you can mill yourself since it says target player, Strategic Planning will work in a pinch if you don't have Supreme Will and puts cards in the yard not the library.

One card that did wreck my day in a game three of a match was Scavenger Grounds, this card will shut us down...what are ways to deal with this? Sideboard some Land Destruction?

Cheers to a great deck

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