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Tsabo Tavoc, Mother of Infection

Commander / EDH Aggro BR (Rakdos) Infect



So, I want to try something completely insane and try to make infect work in B/R. Phyrexian-themed onslaught headed up by the one and only Tsabo Tavoc.

The biggest problem (aside from, you know, missing blue and green) is the fact that I have little to no idea how to go about it. I was figuring a balance between infect, proliferate and combat shenanigans but so far it's working shitty as hell.

So, my question to you, dear reader, is this: how in the Nine Circles am I going to make this viable? My playgroup is filled with infinite combo-using, extra-turn-taking assholes and I'd very much like to punish them with this quirky idea of mine. I'm not talking Tier 1 competitive here, just something to shake up our just-better-than-kitchen-table playgroup. I'm adamant about the Commander since I'm a masochistic flavour freak, anything else within budget is fair game.

Lay it on me, people! <3


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