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Traitors, Aristocrats, and Regicide | Marchesa EDH

Commander / EDH UBR (Grixis)


Join me, and have all you desire, She whispered, The secrets I know are vast and varied. Brago is not long to rule, choose your allegiance wisely.

This is my Marchesa, the Black Rose EDH deck, and as you may have guessed from the title (or, you know, the deck list) it is a theft themed deck. With Marchesa's dethrone ability, you can use effects like Portent of Betrayal to gain control of their creatures, give them a counter somehow (by combat or Simic Fluxmage) and then sacrificing them to one of the many sacrifice outlets in the deck, such as Stronghold Assassin to 1-for-2 your opponents creatures.

Because of how Dethrone works, I also included a package of Black pain-draws. Bolas's Citadel is a particularly powerful card in this deck, being able to take advantage of your life to nearly always have the dethrone trigger (and, eventually, can be used to close a game with it's sacrifice ability. Not to mention the massive card advantage it provides.

Herald of Secret Streams also will end games fairly quickly, especially if you can steal a beater from your opponents. There are of course also some of the usual Aristro-cards to take advantage of the amount of sacrificing you will be doing. Cards such as Burnished Hart + Solemn Simulacrum also do extra work, being able to be cycled as long as they have a counter on them. Stalking Vengeance can also kill those pesky Pillow Fort players, and Torrent of Souls is a surprisingly good finisher as well (Especially if you are reanimating the Herald).

There are also a couple board wipes, as they are usually all one-sided wipes in your favour.

Pretty straight-forward and fun deck. Like all my decks, this was built entirely from cards already in my collection and is fairly cheap as far as commander decks go, and is a fun option for those of you playing on a budget like myself.


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